Scrapbook would like to send heartfelt thanks to Sarah Teather and Brent Liberal Democrats for providing a record number of hits today. Here are the top five traffic spikes since this blog went live in July last year:

  1. Liberal Democrat lies over Sarah Teather office rent (18 January)
  2. She’s back! Expenses Tory Julie Kirkbride changes her mind (6 November)
  3. Guardian awaiting response from “peer” named on encrypted BNP list (20 October)
  4. Labour MPs round on Hoon and Hewitt in email exchange (6 January)
  5. Will Straw and Sunny Hundal interview Tory Bear (2 October)

Tune in tomorrow for some interesting phone bills!

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  3. I recall a labour councillor receiving cold calls from the lib dems office during the time of a by election, wondering who actually paid for it now.

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