David Cameron with his younger and better looking sibling

David Cameron has expressed his joy at being reunited with his long-lost (younger and better looking) brother.

Speaking exclusively to Scrapbook, the Tory leader commented:

“One minute I was stalking Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell on Facebook and the next I was shocked to discover the profile of my younger brother. It’s been wonderful catching up on lost time but also fantastic luck that he can now front the first salvo of our gigantic paid advertising spend!”

Despite his photoshopped chiselled good looks it seems the younger Mr. Cameron took some persuasion to appear before the cameras:

“I’m thrilled that Dave asked me to front the latest Conservative campaign. I must say I did have initial reservations but the offer of clocking up a few airmiles courtesy of Lord Ashcroft was too much to resist. Dave reassures me the facilities on that private jet are quite something!”

Expect to see Dave’s brother soon on billboards near you.

Photo hat-tip: Daily Mirror

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