Sarah Teather seems to be compensating for her persistent and all-too-convenient absence from Parliament this year with an appearance on tonight’s Question Time. Given this week’s revelations on her office expenses, one assumes her exhortations that “thieves should not be attacked” bear an element of self-interest!

From the look of Tory Bear’s teaser post, tomorrow’s Guy News looks like a total hoot. In other news, Scrapbook and friends have been trawling expenses receipts.

Better get the cheque book out, Sarah.

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  5. Rhys ap Kevin says:

    Definately up for starting a #sarahout campaign on Twitter! all she did was interupt, talk over people, and demonstrate that the only way the LD are going to be happy is if the Chilcott enquiry says “Blair lied, was found with dead women, live boys, did it all for oil, loved Bush, and kills dogs”

  6. In Brent we are accustmed to the double standard two faced idiocy that is the Liberal dems.
    The Liberals have been dismanteling our communities and destroying the reputations of many of our community leaders. With arrests and intimidation, ridicule and allegations. They have been dangerous and intimidating. Recently our borough solicitor wrote to members of our Youth parliament, warning them about their recent visit to parliament being considered to be alligning themselves with their host.
    Teather is a hypocrite of mammoth proportions

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