For some reason earlier today, Scrapbook clicked onto a website (no, not that one) with the following branding:

Andrew Rosindell - "putting Britain first"!

Given the crass nationalist undertones overtones of the above the outcome of a cursory investigation into Andrew Rosindell’s political pedigree is unsurprising. The MP for Romford has tabled a mere 102 questions on asylum and immigration and was a member of an organisation which advocated the voluntary repatriation of ethnic minorities until he was forced to resign by Iain Duncan Smith.

Rosindell said that his election victory in 2001 proved “that Thatcherism is alive in Romford”.

From the looks of his website so is dog-whistle politics.

  1. You sure there is never any remission from Monday Club itus?

    John Bercow may have made a partial recovery?

    The case in your question is howling in the wind though . . . .

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