Julie Kirkbride

Given that more than 5,000 constituents had signed a petition calling for her resignation and polling indicated 81% of Tory activists wanted her out, it was clear to expenses-embattled Julie Kirkbride what she must do: say she would resign, wait a few months for things to calm down and then change her mind!

Now let’s revisit those expense claims, shall we?

  • Conspiring with her husband, fellow disgraced Tory Andrew MacKay MP, to claim full expenses for both their London and Worcestershire homes. This meant that all the couple’s accommodation was paid for by the taxpayer.
  • Employing her sister as a secretary even though she lived 100 miles from her constituency.
  • Allowing her brother to live rent free in her (taxpayer funded) house.
  • Worked again with her husband to manipulate the system, both claiming nearly £2,000 in travel costs as “spousal travel”.

CCHQ were planning an open primary to be conducted by a postal ballot. There’s detailed background over at ConservativeHome:

The reality is that CCHQ have enabled her to pursue her change of heart. They have delayed and delayed starting the Bromsgrove application in order to accommodate Ms Kirkbride’s belief that – with time – local voters would be more forgiving towards her than at the height of the expenses crisis. The consensus in Westminster is that David Cameron promised to try and save Julie Kirkbride’s career at the time he forced her husband Andrew MacKay to step down. He was unable to do so because of the strength of public feeling at the time.

This is taking the piss.

  1. This is major piss taking and it seems pretty obvious to me why these greedy pigs are gagging for as much money as they can. They are fully aware that in post democratic britain only money and wealth will talk. When the jackboots are here only your wealth could save you.
    Why else would these already tarnished politicians carry on regardless. Andy Burnham still trying to justify his mega TV, all the ducks and duckponds, flipping houses and fucking bullshit. Not forgetting Bank CEOs almost scrambling for the pension payoffs and bonuses, even Sharon Shoesmith bold and shameless wants more! These scum would do anything for money!

  2. Hamilton was cleared but the damage was done. The only honest thing Bell (now acknowledged to be a Campbell stooge) was to stick to his one-term promise.

    She has done great damage and must go as promised. Not to do so will be a huge draw for the press to revisit the scandal.

    Frankly they should both have resigned immediately when this scam was revealed, instead of hanging around for more troughing and payouts. Don’t let anyone claim there is no money in politics!

    Anyway is that sqawk an asset? She sounds like a down-market version of Olga Maitland or Elaine Kellet-Bowman

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  4. Self serving venal scum – no exceptions, they have all been at it.

    “wholly, necessarily, and exclusively in the performance of parliamentary duties”

    So she’s either well below the average IQ or she’s been abusing the system.

    Why isn’t she and her “partner” being prosecuted? Oh yes that’d be the CPS – which is ENTIRELY politicised.

    No point in voting Labour or Conservative as they are both vacuous and morally bankrupt. Vote for some party that is going to result in a TOTAL change to our political system.

  5. One thing you know about these MPs – they couls give great sex education lessons: look at how good they are at screwing us! It seems a bit much, however, to follow up by giving us the two-fingered salute.

    If I were a berserker with a uzi, I would not use it on innocents I would get some of these so-called ‘politicians’!

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