UPDATE: It seems this Scrapbook post finally did it for poor Irfan, who has been defenestrated by Cowley Street. See the full details here.

Wootton Bassett

A rambling post on lettergate: so far so Irfan Ahmed, who criticises the “petty attacks on Brown” over supposed spelling mistakes in his note to Jacqui Janes. Correct. But the Liberal Democrat blogger then goes on to make a shocking attack on families of dead soldiers, who he accuses of profiting financially from their demise:

“The parents of the lost children have enjoyed the nice salaries that their children have been earning from the army” – Irfan Ahmed

This is, in the words of Pam Nash who flagged this up, “truly appalling”.

Irfan has form for overreaching himself and a habit of disappearing his controversial posts down the memory hole. He defended the practice of senior Asian men deciding how the women in some households will vote with an argument which went something along the lines of “if you don’t know anything about politics…”. When this was attacked by other Lib Dems as misogynist and, erm, illiberal he discovered the delete button. He needn’t bother this time as Scrapbook has already grabbed a copy.


  1. The sooner the Lib Dems realise what a liability Irfan Ahmed is, the sooner they’ll be taken seriously. A truly shocking blog by him – the sheer heartlessness and arrogance is breathtaking; no doubt Lib Dems will view this and make their own decisions. But It’s not difficult to guess what their thoughts will be.

    Thanks for taking a screenshot of it – Mr Ahmed has many previous convictions for deleting incriminating blogposts. This time, the evidence is recorded for posterity.

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  3. I think our heroes are doing a great job but attacking the Prime Minister for writing a letter to them that had grammar and spelling mistakes is bang out of order.

    That’s the point I was trying to put forward, but mind you. People like you are only looking for new ways to attack novices, hence attacks on me.

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  5. i knew there was a good reason for not voting Liberal – must be because they have individuals like Irfan Ahmed on board. BNP could be a good alternative perhaps.

  6. This is the sort of traitorous hatred of the British armed forces that rules the roost on the liberal-socialist axis. If anything positive is to be said about the eejit, it’s that he’s at least honest about his treason.

  7. Paul W.E. Ingham says:

    Well since he has closed down his blog and the original text is no longer available none of us can now judge for ourselves. Ahmed is clearly an immature and uninformed “twentynothing” with little to add to the political debate. Anyone who thinks private soldiers risk their lives for “nice salaries” shouldn’t really be out by themselves, let alone be blogging. Everything I have read about this SLAB (Spoilt Little Asian Boy) leads me to think that sooner or later he would disappear up his own fundament. Nice to be proved right.

  8. Paul: I’m not sure what his ethnicity has to do with the price of eggs but you can read what he wrote here: http://politicalscrapbook.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/amhed_irfan_troop_post.png

    Tom: As other Irfan-watchers will testify, his writing sometimes needs a bit of tranlation: i.e. ‘what does he actually mean here?’. Given that his perception – that parents of soldiers get some kind of remittances from their serving children – was utterly bizarre, I assumed wrongly that he was referring to compensation payments. But sadly either interpretation renders as offensive.

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