Green Party poster in Brighton

“Labour is old news in Brighton” declared the Green Party poster above, which greeted conference delegates as they arrived by train last week. Unfortunately for Caroline Lucas, this news obviously hadn’t spread to the outskirts of the city and Sussex University.

The 90+ societies represented at the Sussex University freshers’ fair last week boasted a strong complement of political groups including Labour Students, Liberal Youth, Unite Against Fascism, SWP, Stop the War and Model United Nations. The fact that the Green Party couldn’t rustle up a couple of students and a table for a few hours would not be an issue but for the fact that Brighton Pavilion is their number one target seat.

Any election agent worth their salt will tell you about the edge that student activists can give a campaign. Green Party leader and MEP Caroline Lucas represents the best hope for the party’s first MP but the so-called “story of unparalleled Green electoral success” in Brighton is in danger of stalling badly if they can’t be bothered to organise on campus. In a week where Ladbrokes have shortened the Greens’ odds of toppling Labour in Brighton to 13/8 – equal with the Tories – this may say something about the party’s organisation on the ground.

Stalls and freshers fairs recalls an idiom involving p*ss ups and breweries.

  1. Tried to ruffle Caroline Lucas’ and Brighton Pavilion Green Party feathers up with a nice @ message on Twitter. Unfortunately not possible as neither have Twitter accounts. #FAIL

  2. I read your post as implying that the Green Party doesn’t care about students. The reality is that the Greens have precious little resources, and if volunteers don’t make something happen on their own, it usually doesn’t happen. You’re right that it’s a problem for the Greens, but the answer for students who agree with their message is not to feel slighted and blame them, but to get involved and help them.

  3. Fair enough. I know from my own personal experience how appealing the Green (capital G) message is to students and how dynamic, effective – and big – many of their university groups are.

    Also agree that they are ill-resourced compared to the main parties but the point is that this is their *number one target seat* and they are throwing money at it – there was more than one billboard in Brighton during conference.

    If they are serious about taking Brighton Pavilion then organising a student stall for freshers week shouldn’t be some kind of added bonus. Their organisers have really cocked up here.

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