BBC Question Time lineup to face Nick Griffin

The addition of Tory peer Sayeeda Warsi to BBC Question Time on 22 October completes a lineup of Chris Huhne, Jack Straw and Bonnie Greer to appear alongside BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Reaction on the blogs has been mute, with Sunny Hundal questioning the appropriateness of a softly spoken, middle class American playwright (flanked by two white, middle class frontbenchers) to take on Nick Griffin:

“Middle class people generally hate cheap populism and the use of emotion to make political points. They prefer ‘rational argument’. Fuck that. The way to destroy the BNP is through emotional narratives and populism.” – Sunny Hundal

Further reaction available from Nothing British and ConservativeHome [will update this later this with more as it comes in]. The Times also has something from earlier today mooting Warsi as a possibility while arguing that William Hague would have been the better choice.

Scrapbook can’t promise not to shout at the TV.

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  3. The fact that there is such fierce opposition and attempts to silence and humiliate Nick Griffin only reinforces the fact that he is correct.
    The Left are and have always been ideological bullies. I hope the BNP becomes the leading party of Britain and brings some common sense back to the nation.

    -an Australian.

  4. Your out your tree

    Why is it right to charge people with racism when whites attack a ethnic minority but an asian group of 20 who beat up a white school boy because he is white is not charged with racist attack. There are plenty further examples of this.

    I would say the majority of people in england are fed up with the massed immigration which is unparalled in our history and the clash of culture and religion (especially between Islam and christanity) is bound to meet a bloody climax in generations to come

    i think we should discuss the left wing parties like labour links with communism , considering communism has killed even more people then fascism. Perhaps people like ex Minister Mr Reid should appologise for his communist links

    I find the anti facism group quite a funny especially when they ally themselves with communist and some extreme muslim organisations (all known for their democratic believes). Most of the marchers are either sons an daughters of nouveau riche or lazy unemployed layabouts.

  5. i am not in a party, people like that idiot minisiter Peter Hain in labour party who wishes to mention what people who fought for WW2 against facism. Yes but we allied with a leader who was just as brutal ie Stalin AND even though we fought a war because of invasion of Poland, Poland never got its freedom until 1980s

    Also he forgets to mention in his speech that people in WW2 also fought for the freedom of FREE SPEECH and not the political correct nonsense that has flowed into England since 1997 and the george orwellian 1984 approach of the labour party to freedom of speech

  6. For god’s sake. So your issue isn’t the BNP (and their troll-ish interweb army) are racist oiks, you just want the accusations of racism to be apportioned correctly?

  7. Just had another comment from “Bruce” which featured a bit of a manifesto from him about only providing funded university places to “UK people”.

    I didn’t start a blog to waste time moderating comments and arguing with BNP sympathisers who can’t spell or string a coherent argument together and seem determined to parrot Daily Mail/Daily Express/BNP crap. There are plenty of right-wing blogs where there is a higher standard of debate, so if I want to argue with Richard Littlejohn types I’ll go there.

    By all means comment but if it hasn’t appeared after a few hours it probably won’t see the light of day. Perhaps it’s time to get a comments policy. Hmmm.

  8. you obviously cant read either i guess !

    Immigrants dont i have a divine right to live in uk

    I have proven the argument that we need immigrants in UK , is a blatant lie. It shows how stupid you are to suggest anyone against immigration is a BNP supporter. I know its the strange concept for the pro immigration brigade we have work to do and cant spend our time going on protest marches like the useless morons who currently in the anti facist marches who have daddy and mummy to support them. But if the anti immigration non BNP supporters did march the puny anti facist marchers would be nothing more then a grass stalk in storm

  9. unlike of course the left wing guardian, daily mirror, scotsman and independant (which isnt independant) crap – which you seem to fail to mention since its left wing

    Thats right censor any comments that oppose your views. Thats what the left wing like to do! As they dont believe in democracy unless it helps them

  10. unlike of course yourself who parrots left wing nonsense from the anti facist brigade .

    before you start whining about my spelling and grammar perhaps you should remember that even Mr knight , my mp in dorset south and education minister had an official website full of grammar/spelling mistakes and he is subsidised by expense for his website.

  11. Yawn. Bloggers blog for various reasons. Enjoyment of writing, the mental stimulation this provides and engagement with readers usually come near the top of the list.

    I am not “censoring” you – I just think this exchange is boring and pointless. This is not some kind of public service and, to paraphrase your words, you have no “divine right” to post here.

    And for the record I am no fan of UAF “let’s have a ruck with the fascists” tactics.

    Comments now turned off on this thread.

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