Deadline story on Joe Cawley

Regular readers may remember the tale of Joe Cawley, the student Tory whose drunken scaffold climbing landed him in trouble with the police. The story was made all the more fun when accompanied by a snap of the chair of Edinburgh Conservative Future in full-on tweedy hunting gear, shotguns thrown over his shoulders Lock Stock-style.

The photo in question had been sneaked to Scrapbook and Cawley’s Tory chums fired out the standard barrage of ‘take that photograph down now’ emails. Recipients of this legal whimpering included the local student press and the Edinburgh-based Deadline Picture Agency, who ran the story as “Top Tory toff fined for drunken antics”.

Unfortunately for Cawley, however, fate intervened once more. One day after the photo was removed from Deadline’s website, their eagle-eyed photographer happened to spot our hero walking past the Sherrif’s Court in Edinburgh.


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