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While steadfastly defending the Beeb’s decision to invite Nick Griffin onto Question Time, director general Mark Thompson has told the Guardian that the BNP leader will be “challenged tenaciously” on the programme. David Dimbleby has been given the green light to raise issues such as holocaust denial.

In other developments:

  • 400 police will be on duty and a plan is in place to get Griffin into the building “in a timely and safe manner”.
  • The BNP reportedly explored the possibility of chartering a private helicopter to ferry their leader before the BBC told them there was nowhere suitable to land.
  • Filming has been brought forward by two hours to 6:30pm to allow time for scuffles to be edited out.
  • An alternative secret venue have been prepared in the event that filming at Television Centre is prevented for some reason.
  • Radio 4 Word of Mouth presenter Michael Rosen has criticised the appearance of Griffin, saying the BBC “were relishing” the ratings.
  • Renowned legal expert Peter Hain QC is still giving out free advice.

Eleven hours to go!

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