UPDATE: Apparently it was Kate Garraway thanking Tory Bear for the summons. Having been tipped off in advance, Dolly was hiding out back.

It was announced this afternoon that ‘Mad’ Nad Dorries is suing Messrs McBride and Draper over the Smeargate emails. In a clever bit of new media, Guido Fawkes and Tory Bear were enlisted serve the writs and TB videoed his. It’s almost like ‘knock a door, run’ for bloggers:

Given the esteem in which Damian and Dolly are held many Labourites will permit themselves a titter despite the headache it will cause for the party.

Listen closely to the vid and you can make out “Okay, thank you very much!”

Hat tip: Labour of Love. Liberal England also wonders aloud why Guido is acting as Dorries’ bagman: “Because he is just another Tory, is probably the short answer.”

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