Daniel Hannan stars in The Shining After attacks on the NHS and other gaffes which saw CCHQ scrambling to defend their de-toxified brand the Tories have now promoted Daniel Hannan to their European front bench as spokesman for legal affairs. Andy Burnham is leading the charge:

“Will the real David Cameron please stand up?”

He goes on:

David Cameron is happy to deride Tory MEP Daniel Hannan in front of the cameras and claim that his views are not the true face of the Tory Party. But privately Cameron rewards Hannan for his attacks on the NHS with a plum job on his frontbench in the European Parliament.

This presumably puts an end to his little holidays pandering to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the American right wing media.

Have the Cameroons moved to gag Hannan with a new job?

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