James Murdoch and Damien Thorn from The Omen

Charlie Brooker is one of the media bods forced to sit through James (spawn of Rupert) Murdoch’s MacTaggart Diatribe Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival last week. ¬†Scrapbook can’t decide whether Brooker’s most appropriate comparison of Murdoch is with Niles Crane from Frasier or this:

“James Murdoch is the closest thing the media has to Damien from The Omen”

And there’s more:

That’s a fatuous comparison, obviously. Damien Thorn, offspring of Satan, was educated at Yale before inheriting a global business conglomerate at a shockingly young age and using it to hypnotise millions in a demonic bid to hasten Armageddon. James Murdoch’s story is quite different. He went to Harvard.

Well. They both have weird starey eyes.

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