Nigel EvansTory minnow Nigel Evans MP has been happy to hide in the shadow of frontbencher Alan Duncan in the wake of their unguarded comments on expenses.

What an opportune moment to revisit Evans’ pious remarks on the expenses scandal, which were posted on his parliamentary website:

Even though I was the 570th lowest spending MP out of 646 I am hardly complacent concerning the rot at the heart of our system … These rules now need to be torn up and replaced with something which is not tainted with the murky smog of snouts in troughs.

Snouts in the trough, eh? Scrapbook wonders what those Ribble Valley constituents living on minimum wage make of the following statement, which was secretly recorded in the Houses of Parliament:

“Got to have a second income, mate, couldn’t survive on £64,000”

As he is teased about “trading down” in his choice of drink, Mr Evans adds:

“This is what it has come to now – actually, I’m paying, that’s what it has come to.”

Evans told the Lancashire Telegraph he was being “ironic”.  Talking of irony, Evans concluded the article on his website with the following:

I do hope that this same transparency which has acted as a catalyst for urgent change of MPs allowances will be introduced into every corner of public life.

One assumes being filmed secretly by Heydon Prowse wasn’t the sort of transparency Evans had in mind!

  1. The local consensus of opinion is that Evans should be in ” The Big House ” 2 , Ribbleton Lane , Preston , Lancashire , PR1 5AB …of course some people may be a little too cynical or even misguided , however by common consent ; Evans is a ” colourful ” character .

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