UPDATE: Oh, dear. This little bit of spin has gone down like a pint of sick with some non-Cameroons.

In an interview on Absolute (formerly Virgin) Radio this morning David Cameron indulged in a bit of bar room vernacular. When asked whether he used Twitter, he responded:

Politicians do have to think about what we say. I think the problem with Twitter, the instantness of it, I think too many twits may make a twat. (3:15 audio below)

This was followed up – less than a minute later – by more swearing:

The public are, I think, are rightly pissed off – I can’t say that in the morning – angry with politicians, cynical about politics. (3:50 audio below)

Listen here:

Hats of to Andy Coulson, Henry Macrory or whoever thought this up. This is an absolutely fantastic silly-season story that will be referenced again and again throughout the summer. This is not Cameron going off the rails but yet more spin designed to make Gordon Brown look staid by comparison.

Predictably, the media are going along with this and are reporting it as a gaffe. Credit to Alex Smith, who immediately spotted this as an attempt to court ‘white van man’ (phone in callers referred to Cameron as “geezer” and “Dave”). Is it any wonder people are “cynical about politics” when politicians resort to such tactics to angle in on a particular demographic?

This is one rung up from William Hague’s “I drunk 14 pints of beer a day”.

UPDATE: As linked at the top, David Hughes at the Torygraph isn’t fooled. “What was he doing? Trying to be laddish, of course. Presumably, Absolute Radio has a young audience“. The radio DJ is praising the twat comment as “fantastic”.

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