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Vince Cable: I’m in charge here … but Hancock scandal is “local issue”

Mike Hancock cover-up: Vince Cable

With 990 job losses set to hit local shipyards, Vince Cable today insisted he was “in charge” of efforts to support Portsmouth — despite the appointment of a Tory minister for the city in the form of Michael Fallon.

But in another display of weak Lib Dem leadership on harassment allegations, the cabinet minister was decidedly unsure about who was in charge of the scandal-hit Liberal Democrat operation in the cityAsked by the BBC’s Jessica Parker why his party have refused to stand a candidate against alleged ‘sex pest’ Mike Hancockthe business secretary responds:

So let’s get this right. Mike Hancock was suspended from the Liberal Democrats after a leaked report from a QC (DETAILS) — which his local party spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money pounds trying to suppress — said there was:

“compelling prima facie evidence of serious and unwelcome sexual behaviour” towards a vulnerable woman by Mike Hancock

Despite this:

  • Lib Dems allowed Hancock to keep his top council role until he resigned himself
  • Hancock still attending Liberal Democrat council meetings
  • The party are refusing to stand a candidate against him in local elections

Hancock denies the allegations.

It seems that Lord Rennard was the shallow end of this scandal.

Every tweet to @VinceCable ‘appears on big screen in his department’

UPDATE: BIS have since denied such a screen exists.

If you can’t tell Vince Cable what you think face-to-face, broadcasting it in his department is surely the next best thing:

Have some fun before it’s inevitably turned off.

Cable theft: ‘Saint Vince’ caught re-hashing Chuka speech lines

Vince Cable and Chuka Umunna

With 2015 offering the possibility of historic back-to-back coalitions, Vince Cable has opened up a new flank in his Labour Party charm offensive … by, errr, stealing lines from prospective colleagues.

Much of the former Labour Party councillor’s much-trailed speech to the CBI this morning this morning had a whiff of familiarity to business policy wonks:

Vince Cable to the CBI:

“…active partnership between government and business can produce huge spill-over benefits.”

Chuka Umunna, 14 November 2011

“It is the strength of this common ground that cries out for a new partnership between productive business and active government.”

Vince Cable:

“…acknowledging predecessors including Michael Heseltine and Peter Mandelson.”

Chuka Umunna, 12 March 2012

“The problem Vince has is that he lacks the clout that his predecessor in the role, Peter Mandelson, had with No. 10 and across Whitehall so consequently he finds he is unable to deliver the active government strategies he and Heseltine advocate.”

Vince Cable:

“A modern industrial strategy, then, is about taking a long-term approach to growth”

Chuka Umunna, 6 September 2012:

“…to make this agenda a reality requires a modern industrial strategy

Vince Cable:

“…all businesses should take responsibility for paying suppliers fairly and on time.

 Chuka Umunna,  22 March 2013:

“Too many small businesses are effectively bankrolling bigger businesses that refuse to pay them on time.

Vince Cable:

“…giving business certainty about future plans so they can invest with confidence.”

 Chuka Umunna, 22 March 2013

“We can try and provide a more certain policy outlook. Just as macro stability is conducive to business investment, so policy induced uncertainty undermines it.”

It’s by no means one-way traffic though as Labour “borrowed” the idea of a mansion tax from Saint Vince.

Lab-Lib 2015: the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop.

Lib Dems sold corporates private dining access to Vince Cable for £500

Vince Cable in black tie

A Liberal Democrat MP has been forced to deny claims of cash-for-access after trying to sell businesses private dining with business secretary Vince Cable. Just 20 people were given the opportunity for “meaningful discussion on business” with Saint Vince — provided they could stump up £500.

In what looks like a botched attempt at leveraging the secretary of state for a local party fundraiser, the Stockport Mail reveals that local MP Andrew Stunell wrote to business figures in the region telling them that Vince would …

“engage in meaningful discussion on business and other related issues”

“This is a special invitation to business people … The Secretary of State is keen to understand the issues and concerns of local business people from around the country.”

What’s more, the letter failed to mention that the dinner was a Liberal Democrat party fundraiser.

Stunnell clearly learned nothing from his party’s appallingly pitched “Corporate Day” in 2010.


How the Lib Dems U-turned on Lord Rennard ‘sex pest’ claims

It’s not the ‘crime’ that gets you: it’s the cover up.

Official Whitehall poll: working for Vince Cable is a-BIS-mal

Vince Cable is Mr Motivator

Under Vince Cable’s leadership, civil servants at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills are amongst the most demotivated in Whitehall, according to their own internal polling.

  • Less four in ten staff say that the department is managed well
  • Less than one in three staff say they can be bothered to ‘do their best’
  • A woeful 29% of workers say that they are motivated to achieve BIS’ objectives

This story of terrible employee relations comes from within the government responsible for the government policy lead on, erm, employee relations — not to mention driving growth as the economy bumps along the bottom.

Perhaps most damningly of all, just 19% of staff answered positively to the statement: “When changes are made in BIS they are usually for the better”.

With Cable hanging around in the forlorn hope of becoming deputy PM in a 2015 Labour/Lib Dem coalition, there is one change at BIS which would definitely be for the better. Despite the department’s woeful performance, however, it is highly unlikely that Clegg would wield the knife.

Better to have Cable pissing out the tent than in.

Star Bores: census reveals more Jedi Knights than Lib Dems or Tories

Census data released today has revealed that there are more Jedi Knights in the UK than there are members of the Liberal Democrats or Tories. At the end of 2011, Lib Dem membership, which saw a cliff-edge fall last year, was found limping at 49,000 compared to the strong force of 177,000 Jedi Knights.

But the Tories aren’t doing much better – still trailing behind the Jedis with a membership between 130,000 and 170,000. It’s only who Labour outnumber the force with 193,000 members.

With former Liberals angry at the party’s move to the Dark Side, perhaps it’s time for Vince Cable to take a light sabre to Clegg.

Vanishing Vince: BIS secretary misses votes on his own anti-equalities bill

The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has missed a whole series of votes on his own bill. Could it have anything to do with it being regressive and unpopular with his own party’s grassroots?

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill, currently going through Parliament, contains a number provisions which weaken the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, as well as attacking employment rights and watering down protections against discrimination and harassment.

But despite the fact that this is a flagship piece of BIS legislation, Saint Vince has been nowhere to be seen. Cable has missed:

  • The vote on the bill’s programme motion.
  • The vote on measures about executive pay.
  • The vote on measures about the EHRC.
  • And even the vote at the bill’s third reading.

The reforms are based on the Beecroft Report, a much criticised report by Tory donor Adrian Beecroft, and have even prompted a letter to Lynne Featherstone from the chair of a Lib Dem ethnic minority group — concerned about the “abolition by stealth” of the ECHR.

Readers shouldn’t be surprised, though — this is exactly what Vince did with the vote to lengthen the kick-in for unfair dismissal rights to two years.

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