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Nick Griffin and the Daily Mail: in agreement over black juries

With the Daily Mail suggesting yesterday that the Vicky Pryce speeding points trial collapsed because the jury were black, the only public figure to back the paper has been, errrr, Nick Griffin:

Perhaps he would be a good fit for a column?

Police demand Chris Huhne charges on perverting the course of justice

Police have urged the Crown Prosecution Service to bring criminal charges against Chris Huhne, The Times has revealed (£). Alongside an accusation of speeding, a file sent to the Crown Prosecution Service suggests Huhne and his estranged wife, Vicky Pryce should face the much more serious charge of perverting the course of justice — an offence carrying a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

The alleged original offence dates back to 2003, when Huhne’s car was caught speeding on the M11 and his wife took the resultant points on her license. But Vicky Pryce subsequently told The Sunday Times that it was her husband who was behind the wheel.

This one’s going out to you, Chris:

What is it with members of the coalition and the police this week?

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