Claiming hackers were responsible for favourites on his Twitter account including bondage porn and an exchange with “Rate My Titties”, Tory MP Karl McCartney has actually written to Twitter to complain about their supposed poor security: “I am writing today to Twitter to express my concern that six months from a General Election the security of […]

With opponents calling for him to be sacked, Tory minister Matt Hancock has apologised after Scrapbook highlighted a message on his Twitter timeline stating the Labour Party was “full of queers”: Amazed @matthancockmp sends vile tweet about "queers". Cameron shd sack him now. — Chris Bryant (@ChrisBryantMP) October 2, 2014 Previous RT was a total accident. […]

Consistency is not the strong suit of former Tory deputy chairman Michael Fabricant. In the wake of a particularly fearsome encounter between Rod Liddle and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on Channel 4 News, Fabbers had this to say: And here he is holding a sign saying “real men don’t hit women”: Real men don’t joke about hitting women […]

Nick Griffin is still claiming to be an MEP on social media — more than 36 hours after conceding his North West region seat by Twitter and asking for help changing his username: If anyone can tell me how to change my twitter title without losing the account I'd be obliged! #we'renotgoingawayyouknow — Nick Griffin (@nickjgriffinbnp) […]

Following the disastrous decision to debate Nigel Farage, Nick Clegg is bringing his European election master plan online: There are just 3 weeks until the European elections. @nick_clegg will taking your questions live on Twitter from 2.30pm — Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) May 1, 2014 What could possibly go wrong?

The members of Thameside Council aren’t “snoring boring” – a message from the local authority’s official Twitter account could suggest they’re much worse than that: We’ve checked and there is definitely no “Cllr B. Ends”. Could the message be an erroneous DM? UPDATE: But there is a “Councillor Bell”. They are live tweeting a councillor […]

UPDATE: BIS have since denied such a screen exists. If you can’t tell Vince Cable what you think face-to-face, broadcasting it in his department is surely the next best thing: @IanMartin TIP – any tweet featuring @vincecable's twitter handle automatically appears uncensored on a big screen in BIS. Fill your boots. — Gideon Defoe (@gideondefoe) […]