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Fake Lib Dem councillor sends cybernats into overdrive

A Twitter account purporting to be a Lib Dem councillor has sent cybernats into overdrive — with a Commonwealth Games rendition of Aidan Burley:

Fake Lib Dem tweet on Glasgow

But there is no councillor in the country by this name and the picture used is of a Lebanese singer by the name of Magida El Roumi:

Magida El Roumi

Top trolling.

Hypocrite Michael Fabricant MP: “Real men don’t hit women”

Consistency is not the strong suit of former Tory deputy chairman Michael Fabricant. In the wake of a particularly fearsome encounter between Rod Liddle and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on Channel 4 News, Fabbers had this to say:

And here he is holding a sign saying “real men don’t hit women”:

Michael Fabricant at domestic violence protest

Real men don’t joke about hitting women either. In fact, this is the quote he gave to Lichfield Live:

“That hurt [of domestic violence] doesn’t just apply to physical injury, but to verbal, emotional, social, financial, and sexual hurt too.”

Perhaps he should stick to oral sex jokes instead?

UPDATE: He even asked Home Secretary to visit domestic violence project »

Nick Griffin “MEP”: BNP leader still claiming European seat

Nick Griffin "MEP" Twitter

Nick Griffin is still claiming to be an MEP on social media — more than 36 hours after conceding his North West region seat by Twitter and asking for help changing his username:

It’s almost as though the responses he received weren’t entirely helpful.

UKIP by-election Twitter praises “indigenous, white candidate”

Nigel Farage UKIP racism

This from what looks to be the Twitter account of UKIP’s Newark branch, where Roger ‘hating gays is like choosing a cup of tea’ Helmer MEP will be fighting a by-election:

Newark UKIP tweet

With the account set up at least 11 months ago, the party’s top spinner is denying that it’s official:

Which might work as a line — if O’Flynn himself hadn’t been following the account for some time. His chronologically-ordered follow stream shows he signed up to receive updates from the account 68 follows ago.

Patrick O'Flynn following @UKIPnewark


UPDATE: O’Flynn now saying he follows all UKIP accounts he finds …

UPDATE II: The account claims that “several” local members have access …


Lib Dems bring ‘Call Clegg’ to Twitter

Following the disastrous decision to debate Nigel Farage, Nick Clegg is bringing his European election master plan online:

Clegg Twitter Q&A

What could possibly go wrong?

Tory HQ in Twitter direct message fail

Twitter direct messages: not to be used for discussing your “snoring boring” interviewees

CCHQ DM fail

… or party political selections.

Tameside Council in “bell ends” message with official Twitter

The members of Thameside Council aren’t “snoring boring” a message from the local authority’s official Twitter account could suggest they’re much worse than that:

Thameside Council Twitter: Cllr Bell Ends

We’ve checked and there is definitely no “Cllr B. Ends”. Could the message be an erroneous DM?

UPDATE: But there is a “Councillor Bell”. They are live tweeting a councillor meeting.

Every tweet to @VinceCable ‘appears on big screen in his department’

UPDATE: BIS have since denied such a screen exists.

If you can’t tell Vince Cable what you think face-to-face, broadcasting it in his department is surely the next best thing:

Have some fun before it’s inevitably turned off.

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