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Tory HQ in Twitter direct message fail

Twitter direct messages: not to be used for discussing your “snoring boring” interviewees

CCHQ DM fail

… or party political selections.

Tameside Council in “bell ends” message with official Twitter

The members of Thameside Council aren’t “snoring boring” a message from the local authority’s official Twitter account could suggest they’re much worse than that:

Thameside Council Twitter: Cllr Bell Ends

We’ve checked and there is definitely no “Cllr B. Ends”. Could the message be an erroneous DM?

UPDATE: But there is a “Councillor Bell”. They are live tweeting a councillor meeting.

Every tweet to @VinceCable ‘appears on big screen in his department’

UPDATE: BIS have since denied such a screen exists.

If you can’t tell Vince Cable what you think face-to-face, broadcasting it in his department is surely the next best thing:

Have some fun before it’s inevitably turned off.

The best of #ToryBuzzfeed

Grant Shapps writes article on Buzzfeed … internet explodes with #lulz:

More #ToryBuzzFeed tweets »

After Shapps intimidates BBC, Tory press office smear Metro journalist

CCHQ Millbank

After party chairman Grant Shapps attempted to intimidate the BBC ahead of the Coulson/Brooks hacking trial at the weekend, the CCHQ press office have attempted to bully an individual journalists by smearing them. Deputy head of press Ric Holden (@RicHolden) has taken to Twitter to berate Metro hack Joel Taylor (@JoelTaylorMetro), falsely accusing him of being a paid-up Labour supporter:

Attempting to publicly ‘out’ a journalist as supporting another party shreds the rule book for engagement between hacks and party press officers. Embarrassingly for Holden, Taylor is giving as good as he gets — pointing out that he is not a member of any party and the speech used by Holden to make his claim is available to anyone online. 

With @ToryEducation-linked troublemaker Dominic Cummings finally shown the exit during the reshuffle, is Holden staking a claim to be the Tories’ biggest Twitter troll?

Quote of the day: British Gas in denial over “PR disaster”

British Gas

The managing director of British Gas Residential Energy is channelling Comical Ali on the front of today’s Guardian. Ian Peters denied that their Twitter online Q&A — which saw 16,000 messages of anger and ridicule sent to the company in just a few hours — was a serious own goal.

“I would not describe this as a PR disaster.”

It has since emerged that the social media manager for the firm has dodged quite a substantial bullet — by being on maternity leave at the time of the incident.

Doubtless someone somewhere will have already received a stern talking to.

Don’t Menshn the confusion

Guess who’s gone off half-cocked again? On this occasion, Louise Mensch accuses a former MP of being “a disgrace to Labour”, which certainly came as a surprise to Matthew Banks — the former Conservative member for Southport.

Louise Mensch Twitter confusion

Absolutely classic Mensch.

Schizophrenia jokes … from the chair of Amnesty International UK

Ciarnan Helferty at Amnesty International UK conference

UPDATE: Ciarnan Helferty has now referred himself to Amnesty UK internal standards procedures. Full story here.

The chair of Britain’s number-one human rights organisation has made a string of mental health jokes on social media, Political Scrapbook can reveal. Despite Amnesty International’s stance on mental health stigma, the chair of its UK board Ciarnan Helferty has filled his Twitter feed with off-colour gags about schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder:

Ciarnan Helferty mental health jokes

It’s not as though mental health isn’t on the human rights radar, as Amnesty UK’s own website reports:

“Too often, prejudice and stigma hamper the development of mental health policies, and are reflected in poor services, low status for care providers and a lack of human rights for mentally ill people.”

One wonders what his colleagues in the Republic of Ireland — who are running a campaign on mental health discrimination — make of Helferty’s “humour”, not to mention his employers at the British Medical Association.

Amnesty International mental health campaign

The childish manner in which Helferty comports himself on social media all the more galling given his responsibilities for the stewardship of Amnesty International UK during a controversial restructuring which has seen jobs and budgets slashed.

Time for some of that “accountability” he mentioned.

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