It seems that Tory-supporting technologist James Dyson is upset about the home secretary’s UKIP-inspired plans to ramp down on the number of foreign students: “Theresa May’s latest ploy to swing voters concerned about immigration magnifies my worry: she wants to exile foreign students upon qualification from British universities. This is the same James Dyson that, four […]

You’ll need to pay close attention. At PMQs on 29 October David Cameron promised there would be a vote on the European Arrest Warrant — viewed by the usual suspects as a tentacle of a creeping EU superstate — before the Rochester and Strood by-election. When it came to the crunch in the last hour, however, Theresa May claimed that the […]

Rivalry between Theresa May and Michael Gove has exploded into the open once again — with the pair bitterly briefing against each other on the issue of extremism in schools. With Gove attempting to outsource the blame for claims of Islamist entryism to the education system in Birmingham, May has hit back by releasing a letter with barbed questions […]

Home secretary Theresa May got an eyeful out canvassing with ex-minister Chloe Smith — when she was greeted by a half-naked man just out the bath. The exercise in au naturel voter ID was in vain, however, with the man telling the Tory pair that “you’re the wrong party” before insisting “No, you can’t” when they tried to […]

The UK Border Agency has sent what are thought to be hundreds of intimidating text messages to British Citizens threatening them with deportation. The has come to light after a British man of a South Asian background was sent a message “from the UK Border Agency” which told him: “You are required to leave the UK as […]

Having told Tory conference that she wants to scrap the Human Rights Act while wearing a pair of £215 ‘Polly’ jewel-heeled lace ups from Russell & Bromley, Theresa May has given aficionados of the Commons Register of Members’ Interests another excuse to cite her discount card for the shoe store: The shoe maker has gifted the […]

The Electoral Reform Society has lambasted the government’s handling of the Police & Crime Commissioner elections as a “comedy of errors“, predicting a record low turnout of 18.5%. The ERS said: “This election has been a comedy of errors from start to finish. Polling stations are standing empty because voters knew next to nothing about the […]

Changes in police numbers statistics mask local officer cuts. Government ‘ceased collecting’ figures in London. Parliamentary questions left unanswered before PCC vote. As voters head to the polling stations to elect Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales, Theresa May’s department seems to be using official statistics to hide the scale of police cuts. […]

When, during an urgent statement on security company G4S’ failure to recruit enough personnel for the Olympics, the Home Secretary was confronted about the company at the heart of last month’s Jubilee stewards scandal, she would not say whether she had faith in them to fulfil their Olympic fire marshals contract. Theresa May was challenged […]

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) have launched an investigation into a company contracted to supply fire marshals for the Olympic games, Political Scrapbook can reveal. In a letter (below) to John Prescott, home secretary Theresa May said that Close Protection UK (CPUK) would be probed after unpaid workers were forced to sleep rough in central London before the […]