Some of the UK’s wealthiest aristocrats trousered nearly a million pounds in Housing Benefit last year. The news comes after the Mirror exposed the hypocrisy of the country’s richest Tory MP, Richard Benyon, for receiving £119,000 in direct housing benefit payments for tenants on his £110m estate — while attacking the “something for nothing” welfare system. The […]

Princess Beatrice’s pet dog nearly had its ear bitten off by the Queen’s corgis, it has been revealed. Worryingly for the royal household, the news comes as a crackdown on irresponsible owners of dangerous dogs was announced. A source told the Daily Mail: “It was really nasty. The Queen’s dog boy was taking the corgis for […]

London resident Prince Charles incurred expenses of £20,000 to visit poverty-stricken areas of the capital hit by the riots last summer, official documents have revealed. Charles and Camilla flew down from Aberdeen to London and back using a luxurious jet aircraft which had previously been shunned by the Queen because it was too expensive. The heir […]

John Bercow baffled many with his references to a “kaleidoscope Queen” in his tribute to the monarch yesterday. But with his connection to a gay rights group of the same name, the right wing press seems to have gone berserk — with write-ups of the event dripping with homophobia. By comparison with their peers, The […]

Nadine Dorries was blocked from entering Westminster Hall for the Queen’s 60th anniversary speech, Scrapbook can reveal. The Mid-Bedfordshire MP rocked up in all her finery, only to be turned away by security. Looks like she forgot her ticket. [update time=”06:53″ id=”update” text=”She’s now on Twitter claiming she got in via another entrance. Are there chimneys in […]

Notwithstanding International Women’s Day, the Duchess of Cambridge’s is getting her usual treatment from the media: as a royal clothes horse. No sooner had Kate’s Episode shoes touched the gravel on her tour with the in-laws, than the broadcast media parroted what they had been briefed – what she was wearing. Being fans of quality […]

Fortnum & Mason has been occupied by “scroungers” for the second time in nearly a year. A trio of troublemakers from the same family led their entourage in protesting against 14% cuts to their benefits. Inkeeping with DWP policy, a series of complex benefits including the Civil List have been replaced with a single handout: […]

Following David Cameron’s apparent agreement to Michael Gove’s proposal for a new royal yacht, an Early Day Motion (EDM) has been put forward by MPs supporting the idea. Having already gathered 19 signatures, predominantly from Conservative MPs, it will continue a debate which wiser Tory hacks would have buried. The EDM calls for: “the Government to appoint a Minister […]