Some of the UK’s wealthiest aristocrats trousered nearly a million pounds in Housing Benefit last year. The news comes after the Mirror exposed the hypocrisy of the country’s richest Tory MP, Richard Benyon, for receiving £119,000 in direct housing benefit payments for tenants on his £110m estate — while attacking the “something for nothing” welfare system. The […]

London resident Prince Charles incurred expenses of £20,000 to visit poverty-stricken areas of the capital hit by the riots last summer, official documents have revealed. Charles and Camilla flew down from Aberdeen to London and back using a luxurious jet aircraft which had previously been shunned by the Queen because it was too expensive. The heir […]

Nadine Dorries was blocked from entering Westminster Hall for the Queen’s 60th anniversary speech, Scrapbook can reveal. The Mid-Bedfordshire MP rocked up in all her finery, only to be turned away by security. Looks like she forgot her ticket. [update time=”06:53″ id=”update” text=”She’s now on Twitter claiming she got in via another entrance. Are there chimneys in […]

Following David Cameron’s apparent agreement to Michael Gove’s proposal for a new royal yacht, an Early Day Motion (EDM) has been put forward by MPs supporting the idea. Having already gathered 19 signatures, predominantly from Conservative MPs, it will continue a debate which wiser Tory hacks would have buried. The EDM calls for: “the Government to appoint a Minister […]

The Queen pressurised Tony Blair over fox hunting during a weekend at Balmoral, according to a new book. The monarch, who reportedly claimed that Blair “was in the wrong party”, lobbied the then prime minister some years before The biography of Elizabeth II by Sally Beddell Smith claims: “she patiently explained to him over dinner that […]