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Guardian readers showcase ‘middle class problems’ with new phone app

The Guardian have launched a mobile appGuardian Witness — encouraging readers to become citizen journalists and submit material directly to their York Way HQ.

The app solicits contributions for numerous stream of content, including one called “The cuts get personal” in which readers submit images showing the effects of austerity:

“How has your life been affected by the UK government cuts? Has a local public service like a library or a sports facility closed?”

The response? Complaints about a lack of exotic holidays and wiring plugs yourself because you “can’t afford an electrician” to do it for you:

Guardian Witness app showcases middle class problems

It is, indeed, Grim Up North London.

UPDATE: There’s more … »

The Sun’s “Three Little Pigs” campaign: spoof version of Guardian ad

We love this spoof version of The Guardian’s Three Little Pigs advert, which imagines how The Sun might cover the fairtytale in print and online.

Forty seconds in, the video cuts to Fortress Wapping, where a flipchart sets out possible story angles: “Tits. Pedo [sic]. Dane Bowers spotted!”. Meanwhile, a Nathan Barley-esque scooters around the newsroom while his colleauge yells down the phone:

“Have we hacked the phones? Terry, have we hacked the phones? Hack the phones. Love it!”

Cue a Rebecca Brooks-style campaign in which the pigs are smeared as paedophiles.

The Guardian squeeze THREE grammatical errors into one headline

While regular Scrapbook readers will attest to semi-regular spelling and grammatical errors on these pages, even our editor has never managed four cock ups in the space of 25 words.

They don’t call it the Grauniad for nothing.

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