The sound of a barrel being scraped emanated from The Sun newsroom last night. Having ordered hacks to rake through Russell Brand’s finances, the best they could come up with (£) was the fact that his landlord — not Brand — avoids tax. Perhaps they should have looked at their own arrangements. In September, Sun publisher News UK moved […]

One of the Conservative Party’s top fundraiser can be linked to a group of controversial tax schemes which have seen some investors — such as footballer Michael Owen — forced to repay millions of pounds to HMRC. Formerly Britain’s leading tobacco lobbyist, Tim Lord is now an officer of the United and Cecil Club — a highly secretive organisation bankrolled by anonymous […]

Geoffrey Cox invested in scheme under investigation by HMRC Part time MP also moonlights as £600-per-hour QC Clients include legal firms specialising in tax for rich clients A Tory MP has claimed he is “not going to comment on his private tax affairs” after being caught using an alleged tax avoidance scheme. HMRC is ordering Geoffrey Cox to cough […]

The Sovereign Grant accounts dropped today — cue predictable spin that keeping the Windsor family in the style to which they are accustomed costs us each “a mere 56p per year”. According to the latest figures, Prince Charles receives £19.5m from the Duchy of Cornwall, which is described as: “a private estate established in 1337 which funds […]

At least 14 of the Tories’ top 20 donors can be linked to companies based in tax havens, Political Scrapbook can reveal. After spilling the beans on the Bermuda-based hedge funds run by their top funder Michael Farmer yesterday, we’ve trawled records filed with regulators to build up a broader picture of Tory offshore links. But will David […]