A Labour MP’s letter to police sets out details of a user manual for controversial computer software that may have been authored by Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps  — claiming it indicates “intent” to breach criminal statutes covering copyright infringement. Providing material supplementary to his original complaint from five months ago, Selly Oak MP Steve McCabe claims “offences under […]

With senior Conservatives warning of “a crisis” if Maria Hutchings fails to win the Eastleigh by-election, it isn’t shaping up to be a good week for Grant Shapps, who as Tory chair is ultimately responsible for the party’s campaign in the marginal constituency. And it just got worse. A Labour MP responsible for an official complaint […]

Nadine Dorries has outdone even her consistently high standards of hypocrisy — by criticising another MP for taking time off. But the Mid Bedfordshire absentee came in for criticism for picking on Labour MP Steve McCabe, who was hospitalised for HEART SURGERY. Dorries ranted: Labour MP Steve McCabe who reported me to Standards Commissioner for […]

A shadowy company linked to Conservative chairman Grant Shapps has stopped marketing software designed to infringe copyright after a complaint to criminal prosecutors. The move comes in the wake of a letter from Labour MP Steve McCabe to the director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, and the Metropolitan Police, asking for the firm to […]