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Alan Partridge on Leveson

Hacking victim Steve Coogan deploys Alan Partridge in this satirical attack on the media’s anti-Leveson lobbying campaign. As emails published by Scrapbook showed last week, News International are pulling strings for the so-called Free Speech Network behind the scenes.

Like James Murdoch, Alan doesn’t scroll down on his BlackBerry.

Quote of the day: Steve Coogan calls No to AV a “bunch of dicks”

It seems AV referendum celebrity endorsements have suddenly become more interesting than Professor Robert Winston (Baron Winston to you) and Colin Firth. While yesterday saw Peter Stringfellow come out for the ‘No’ camp, PoliticsHome report a rather, erm, pithy remark from Steve Coogan as to why he wants to change the voting system:

“Cos those who want to say ‘No’ are a bunch of dicks.”

For his own safety, Coogan should probably steer clear of Glasgow South.

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