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Business leaders backing Cameron on Europe gave £10m+ to Tories

Britain in Europe Cameron speech

The business leaders publicly backing David Cameron’s stance on Europe have given more than £10 million to the Conservative Party, records held by the Electoral Commission reveal.

A letter in today’s Times co-ordinated by CCHQ begins:

“As business leaders we are passionate about this country’s growth and prosperity. Britain is a trading nation and we agree with the Prime Minister that our best chance of success is as part of a reformed Europe. We need a new relationship with the EU, backed by democratic mandate.”

Of the 54 signatories, however, at least 18 are known to have given cash to the Conservatives. Yet more may be members or supporters. 

The news comes after a similar letter — drafted by the chief executive of Next, Simon Wolfson — was linked to those bankrolling the part. The note, which backed Osborne on his cuts to public services, was penned by Wolfson after £293,250 of donations were rewarded with a peerage.

Doubtless a few of the 54 will be hoping to acquire some ermine for their wardrobes.

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