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The crisis in Ukraine … explained by ‘action star’ Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal discussing Ukraine on RT

Confused by the dynamics of the crisis engulfing Ukraine? Well there’s no need to worry because Russian state-funded propaganda outlet RT has an expert on hand to explain it all — 1990s action star Steven Seagal!

His grasp of geopolitics is impressive (from 3:00 in video below):

“It’s the European Union. It’s pressure that certain entities are getting from the European Union or stuff like that [sic]“

And surprising his enemies with this bizarre non sequitur, he also threatens to give Charles Moore a run for his money:

“If go you do your homework, you’ll see that Margaret Thatcher was pretty much thrown out of office because she refused to, y’know, sort of put the UN … European in.”

Along with the rest of Seagal’s output since 1998 this is going direct-to-video.

Jody McIntyre: Russia Today is “drop of balance in sea of propaganda”

Protester and disability activist Jody McIntyre, whose Independent blog was axed last month after he incited his Twitter followers to join the London riots, has described the Kremlin-funded TV channel Russia Today as “a drop of balance in a sea of propaganda” for its coverage of the events in Libya last night.

Hitting out at the mainstream media in a post on his personal blog, McIntyre writes of:

“A psychological war, a media conflict … a battle to manufacture our consent. Even last night, from the BBC to Al-Jazeera, the flow of misinformation was as rampant as it has been for weeks on end.”

While the BBC and Al-Jazeera may have been scooped by Sky News, their record on “misinformation” hardly to compares to that of Russia Today. During the 2008 war in South Ossetia, correspondent William Dunbar resigned after being forced to present relentlessly Russophile coverage, while the station was slammed by Human Rights Watch for exaggerating Russian casualties.

We look forward to seeing how RapInfo, Russia’s state-funded rap news channel, will tackle the ongoing events.

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