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MP confessed to ‘horse fetish’ … but wouldn’t support gay marriage

Ronnie Campbell

From Boris Johnson to Rick Santorum, we are sadly familiar with politicians comparing gay relationships with bestiality. But Labour’s backbenches are home to what may be a counterposing case — an MP who admitted to a fetish for horses but voted against gay marriage yesterday.

When a local newspaper rang 64 year-old MP Ronnie Campbell and asked whether he supported an event in his Blyth Valley constituency to mark so-called National Fetish Day, he told them: “I have no problem with it and I am happy to show my support”.

With the event running under the slogan “perverts wear purple”, the north east regional paper Sunday Sun asked whether he would be entering into the sartorial spirit of the day:

“I have a purple tie and a purple shirt so I will be able to wear their colours.”

And he even admitted to having an unnatural fondness for horses:

“I must have a thousand [fetishes] but, hand on my heart, I couldn’t tell which is the most important one. Probably the horses.”

When the bemused local hack explained to him the meaning of the word, however, Campbell quickly U-turned:

“Oh my God almighty, my God, is that what a fetish is? I thought a fetish was a worry, like worrying about backing the right horse.”

Good to MPs with a firm grasp on the facts deciding the laws of the land.

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