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UKIP are using Scrapbook’s anti-Tory attack lines in Newark

UKIP Newark leaflet

Scrapbook is tickled to see the Tories baby-faced Newark by-election attacked by his UKIP opponent for exaggerating his credentials as an “entrepreneur”. Sitting MEP Roger Helmer complains that Robert Jenrick has been “cranking up his CV” — as well as claiming humble origins while failing to mention his family’s multi-million pound property in Westminster

… all of which you could have read on this blog within one day of Patrick Mercer’s resignation. Tory campaign bosses altered his Twitter bio and pulled a letter referencing “entrepreneurship” after Scrapbook went to pixel.

Jenrick responded to The Times (£), who revealed that Jenrick was only given the title of “international managing director” for the Decorative Arts division of Christie’s auction house — one of ten such units within the company — in April:

“I’ve been involved in our family business but, no, my career has been first as a business lawyer. Since then at Christie’s in a range of different commercial roles.”

A Tory spokesman then reached for some straws:

“Working in a senior commercial role at Christie’s means he is required to be entrepreneurial.”

You’re welcome, Nigel.

Newark by-election: Fraud apologist Farage tries to attack on sleaze

Nigel Farage Newark letter header

An astonishing letter from Nigel Farage to voters in the Newark by-election. The UKIP leader — who has openly admitted trousering EU expenses to fund his party — has decided to attack the Tories on sleaze:

“From abusing their positions of power for personal gain to outright fraud, the politicians meant to be representing you are being exposed one after the other …”

Nigel Farage Newark letter excerpt

Errr … where to start?

  • Farage described expenses abuse by UKIP MEP Tom Wise as a “simple, silly error” — before his ultimate conviction for fraud.
  • UKIP MEP Ashley Mote was jailed for 21 counts of benefits fraud totalling £65,000
  • UKIP are regularly represented in the media by disgraced former Tory MP Neil Hamilton, the protagonist in arguably the most notorious case of British political sleaze in living memory.
  • Former MEP Den Dover has also been welcomed into the fold. He was expelled from the Tories after trousering hundreds of thousands of pounds of EU expenses.

Next up: Farage accuses another party of being a bit racist.

Tories slam Helmer over homophobic quotes…from while he was a Tory


The official Tory LGBT twitter account has had a pop at UKIP dinosaur Roger Helmer, tweeting out a list of his frequent and offensive homophobic comments. Only thing is, he made most of the comments while he was still a Tory.

The graphic, entitled ‘Roger Helmer’s Little Pink Book: Homophobic Quotations from UKIP’s Would-Be MP For UKIP’, lists nine disgusting comments made by the moustachioed misanthrope, in which he advocates the “curing” of homosexuality, and likens gay marriage to incest and bestiality.

But five of the nine outbursts were made before Helmer defected from the Tories to UKIP on March 4th 2012.

To help you out, we’ve helpfully updated the image above, adding a key so you can tell at a glance which were said before he quit the Conservative party.

We wonder if they would have made their little pink book while he was still technically on their side…

UKIP MEP Helmer pictured asleep in European Parliament debate

Roger Helmer asleep in European Parliament

Roger Helmer’s former party colleague, South West Tory MEP Julie Girling, caught him, errrr, “hard at work” earlier today.

If UKIP aren’t drunk they’re having a nap, it seems.

Roger Helmer’s Greatest Hits

Conservative MEP Roger Helmer has today announced that he is quitting his seat in the European Parliament at the end of this year. Citing disillusionment with the direction of the party, Brussels is set to lose one of its most off message sons.

To commemorate his passing, Scrapbook thought a countdown of his top “so right wing that we thought he was joking” moments was in order.

Women share blame for rape: Backing Kenneth Clarke’s controversial rape comments, Helmer took it upon himself to distinguish between “stranger” and “date” rape: “In the first case (“stranger rape”), the blame is squarely on the perpetrator and does not attach to the victim, in the second case (“Date rape”) the victim surely shares a part of the responsibility, if only for establishing reasonable expectations in her boyfriend’s mind.”

Everyone speeds, why shouldn’t I?: Deciding that he operates above the law, Helmer commenting on speed limits claimed, “No matter how fast you are going, you get people passing you.” It was later revealed that Helmer had recently been caught speeding with his Jaguar – driving at 38 mph in a 30 mph zone. Tut tut.

“Dumb” seal cubs “deserve” to die: Back in 2006, Helmer thrust himself into controversy with an unsympathetic email to a 17 year-old animal rights campaigner. In the email, Helmer told the teenager that, he thinks “it’s mawkish, sentimental and unhelpful to adopt a Bambi attitude to animals.” Before telling the teen “save your concerns for people rather than them.”

Climate change is a total lie: Wading into the debate on climate change, Helmer labelled it the “Great Climate Myth”. Going onto criticise wind farms, he suggested he spoke for all people who were “hopping mad at the imposition of useless, ugly, ideologically-motivated industrial-scale structures close to their homes and villages.”

Psychiatrists should “turn” homosexuals straight: Posting on Twitter: “Why is it OK for a surgeon to perform a sex change operation, but not OK for a psychiatrist to try to ‘turn’ a consenting homosexual.”  Thankfully Helmer’s attempt at philosophical thought challenged nobody and angered everybody.

Gay marriage wrong on all counts: Taking the classic approach before delivering an offensive remark, Helmer painted himself as a liberal, tolerant of homosexuality, with gay friends no less. Before clearing the way for his outdated views on gay marriage. Stating that he was, “opposed to the concept of homosexual “marriage”, on both semantic and social policy grounds.”

Homophobia is propaganda and a myth: Not happy with one set of offensive comments, in the same blog post, Helmer called homophobia a “political agenda”: “I have yet to meet anyone who has an irrational fear of homosexuals, or of homosexuality.  So to the extent that the word has any meaning at all, it describes something which simply does not exist.”

Shoot rioters and arsonists on sight: As Scrapbook revealed at the time, in the midst of August’s riots, Helmer shocked the blogosphere, left and right alike, when he posted on Twitter suggesting arsonists and looters should be shot on sight. Helmer later rejected the opportunity to back away from these comments, stating that if rubber bullets didn’t work, “tougher measures were called for.”

Badger cull will reduce price of shaving brushes: Referring to opponents as “po-faced manic bunny huggers”, mustachioed Helmer said that the Government’s controversial cadger cull would be a good idea because it would bring down the “exorbitant” cost of shaving brushes.

Helmer certainly did it his way.

Tory MEP Roger Helmer calls for rioters to be “shot on sight”

Conservative MEP Roger Helmer is not known for a measured, thoughtful approach to public policy, but with his response to the London riots he has really excelled himself. In a tweet this morning, the mustachioed climate change denier sent a message to the Government’s emergency cabinet meeting saying rioters should be summarily executed:

Helmer’s comments were met with disbelief, even from the conservative blogosphere. Surely this was just a clumsy turn of phrase – he must be talking about non-lethal ammunition, right? Well, no. After being asked to clarify his comments by Conservative Home’s Tim Montgomerie, Roger confirmed that he was indeed seeking the death penalty for the worst rioters.

Given that the riot was started with police bullets, we wonder how helpful this will be.

Update: Yesterday, Mr Helmer posted on his blog proudly describing his recent visit to the “Solutions for the States” conference in New Orleans, after which he was invited for a morning’s shooting with the National Rifle Association. In the post, Roger proudly announces that he owns an NRA tie, emblazoned on which is a quote from the Second Amendment of the US Constitution:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

His hosts also gave him a T-shirt bearing the slogan “The Second Amendment: America’s Original Homeland Security”

Perhaps this is where Roger acquired his new gun lust?

Every ash cloud has a silver lining for Cameron

With Messrs Hannan, Helmer and their friends preaching the “collective flight from reality” of climate change, the “60 year mistake” of the NHS and equivocating on gay rights, David Cameron may be praying the volcanic ash cloud remains – over Aéroport de Strasbourg and Bruxelles-National, at least:

Cameron’s MEPs are his political equivalent of the mad old lady in the attic.

Star of Tory climate change conference was paid to deny effects of passive smoking

Fred Singer was paid by the tobacco industy to deny the effects of passive smoking

Left Foot Forward reported today that Tory MEP Roger Helmer is organising a “climate change sceptics’ conference” in Brussels. The list of speakers is a Who’s Who of climate change denial – people with an axe to grind in one hand and a distinct lack of peer-reviewed science in the other.

But one name on the list of speakers jumped out at Scrapbook – that of  Fred Singer. This is a man with a track record not only of whoring himself out to the powerful vested interests that fund climate change denial – but also to tobacco companies trying to stem the tide of research linking passive smoking to cancer and other illnesses in the 1980s and 90s.

Singer may well have built his reputation as an atmospheric physicist but by the 1990s he was working for a front group run by a PR company and funded by tobacco giant Philip Morris. The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition was established in 1993 to hang the label of “junk science” round research on the effects of passive smoking – including a Royal College of Physicians study showing that 17,000 under fives were hospitalised each year in the UK by second hand smoke. Other materials the tobacco industry paid Fred Singer to supress include:

A review by the World Health Organization concluded that passive smoking is a cause of bronchitis, pneumonia, coughing and wheezing, asthma attacks, middle ear infection, cot death, and possibly cardiovascular and neurobiological impairment in children. These findings were confirmed by the UK’s Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health (SCOTH) which reviewed the evidence in 2004 following its initial report on secondhand smoke in 1998 … A recent study in Hong Kong found that babies living with two or more smokers were 30 per cent more likely to need hospital treatment than those who lived in smoke-free homes – Action on Smoking and Health

As for the link between smoking and cancer, his involvement with a campaign claiming that the relationship between passive smoking and cancer was one of “The Top Five Environmental Myths” speaks for itself.

Rather than hosting this charlatan at the European Parliament, perhaps Roger Helmer MEP should invite Fred Singer to an NHS cancer ward.

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