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Pictures of Republicans looking sad

Last night gave the Republicans plenty of things to feel glum about. With Obama relected and retaining the senate, it was clearly the Democrats’ night — Mitt Romney (above) wasn’t the only politician left looking a bit sad.

So as we all recover from staying up too late watching electoral college votes roll in, Scrapbook presents a rundown of the best pictures of miserable Republicans:

Controversial Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly complained that “the white establishment is now the minority.”

See the rest of the miserable GOPers »

The Biden/Ryan vice-presidential debate in just over two minutes

For those British-based political enthusiasts who couldn’t face staying awake into the early hours of the morning for the US vice-presidential debateScrapbook presents a summary in only 164 seconds. If only all political debates were this concise, they might get more people tuning in to watch.

Then again, if you blink you might miss it.

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