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Tory police commissioner appoints his ‘best mate’ to £45,000 deputy post

  • Tory owner of drain company is deputy commissioner
  • Taxpayer to shell out £175,000 for no police experience
  • Appointment part of growing ‘jobs for the boys’ culture

The Tory PCC for Humberside has employed a local councillor with no police experience as his £45,000 per-year deputy commissioner. Matthew Grove gave his ‘best mate’ Paul Robinson to the role despite criticism of an emerging ‘jobs for the boys’ culture in police commissioner appointments.

On the election trail, Grove told voters that he disagreed with deputy commissioner roles, describing working with both a chief constable and senior aide as “three in a bed”. Having handed the job to the managing director of a drain cleaning company, however, he now finds himself on the defensive:

“Being my deputy is a full-time job and not some political jolly. He will … help deliver my targets and manifesto pledges.”

Despite an  election pledge to “spend every penny wisely”, Commissioner Grove will throw at least £175,000 during his term at employing someone with no experience of the criminal justice system. With Osborne’s cuts meaning 440 Humberside officers are to be slashed, Grove could have saved the jobs of two junior constables.

The pair seems rather better qualified as a political hatchet men. Both were reportedly rebels in a “dirty dozen” coup attempt to oust their own leader on East Riding Council.

Scrapbook hopes Robinson realises that his job is to clean up crime … not drains.

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