With his European Parliament group collapsing last week after it failed to retain MEPs from requisite seven different members states, can you guess who has come to Nigel Farage’s rescue? Spokesman for @EFDgroup @hermannkelly confirms that Polish MEP Robert Iwaszkiewicz will join the EP's eurosceptic faction. #EFDD — James Franey (@jamesfraney) October 20, 2014 Farage isn’t keen on […]

The FT’s Jim Pickard has ruined any prospect of a Boris-style managed announcement of Nigel Farage’s Westminster intentions. Breaking: Farage definitely on the list for South Thanet http://t.co/4L7Vy5q3QF — Jim Pickard (@PickardJE) August 8, 2014 Ukip trying – and failing miserably – to prevent @PickardJE from announcing Nigel Farage is standing in Thanet South. — Dan […]

Scrapbook hears that those of a Kipper persuasion wishing to attend UKIP’s September conference at Doncaster Racecourse — selected for its proximity to Ed Miliband’s constituency rather than a ready supply of two addictive forms of licensed entertainment — are dealing with none other than Kirsten Farage, the party leader’s German wife. While Scrapbook is intrigued to discover yet another […]

One of UKIP’s most notorious ‘fruitcake’ councillors has been charged with drink driving after a boozy fundraiser attended by Nigel Farage. Cllr Robert Ray — who leads the party’s growing group on Thurrock council — hit the headlines last September after it emerged he was a former official and candidate with the far-right National Front. […]

Guess who ‘Europe’s largest infidelity dating site’ have chosen as the face of their new campaign? The ad van referencing Nigel Farage’s alleged affair with former aide Annabelle Fuller is currently touring London — starting outside UKIP’s Mayfair offices, naturally. Well, he did boast about the ‘number of women he got pregnant over the years’.

Irony is taking one hell of a beating — with a video produced for Nigel Farage’s conference jolly in Malta seeming to predict the Mirror’s front page scoop this morning. The spoof, produced for a conference of the Institute of Travel and Tourism, takes the form of a party political broadcast from the ‘NOKIP’ party — the […]