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From duck islands to Tracey Island: Nigel Farage expenses car crash

Nigel Farage asked to explain why his office electricity bill is £3,000 per year:

Murnaghan: “What are you doing in there? What are you running in there?

Farage: “Running machines, running banks for computers. Doing things! Doing things! Doing things that use a lot more electricity than many household chores do”

Murhahan: “It sounds like Tracey Island. You’ve got banks of computers?!”

Nigel Farage shamelessly defended spending £60,000 in taxpayer-funded EU allowances on UKIP’s party offices.

Speaking on Sky News, he said claims he was using expenses improperly were “erroneous” and he could spend the £3,850-a-month he gets from Brussels “as I see fit” – without even having to produce receipts.

Since becoming an MEP in 2009, he has pocketed £60,000 in allowances from the EU, which he says he’s spent on running costs for the party’s offices in Lymington, West Sussex.

Despite the office being a rent-free “gift” from UKIP supporters, Farage says the office costs about £3,000 a year in electricity alone – and spends about £1,000 a month in other expenses.

Scrapbook rather likes the idea that UKIP could operate out of a hidden paradise peninsula filled with super-secret “machines.”

Well, he does look like a Thunderbirds puppet, after all…

Hypocrite Farage admitted: ‘We trousered EU expenses to fund UKIP’

While today’s Times front page (£) brings news of a prospective fraud investigation into Nigel Farage’s office expenses, observers will remember that the UKIP leader has already admitted milking the European expenses system … errr, last week.

“If you are accusing me of taking the wherewithal provided by the European Parliament for us as MEPs and using it politically to campaign against Britain’s membership of the European Union … Well, if you think that’s wrong that’s your decision”

This was on the same day he was accusing Maria Miller of “taking the mickey out of the system”.

Lib Dems: Clegg harmed EU case and boosted UKIP … but we don’t care!

Nick Clegg laughing

Lib Dem Voice co-editor Stephen Tall blogs on why “Nick Clegg’s gamble of laying down the gauntlet to Nigel Farage” has not failed — despite yet another whupping for at the hands of the UKIP leader:

“There’s no denying that Nigel Farage and Ukip have emerged well from these debates, especially tonight’s.”

“But [the Ukip] will resonate least well with Lib Dem voters, and best with Tory and Labour voters. A polling spike for Ukip will probably be at their expense, not ours.”

Translation: Clegg has harmed the pro-Europe case and boosted extremist UKIP’s chances of securing more MEPs … but that doesn’t matter because it hurts other parties more in the short term!

‘The Party of IN’: In it for themselves!

Farage Crimea row: in 2004 he blamed letter bomb campaign on EU

  • Farage debate claim: EU has “blood on its hands” over Crimea
  • Back in 2004 he tried to blame EU for letter bomb campaign
  • Staffer for British MEP was injured when device exploded

Nigel Farage debate

While his performance included a stumble on gay marriage and weak excuses for employing his wife with taxpayers’ money (VIDEO), it is Nigel Farage’s controversial comments on Crimea which have emerged as the most prominent black spot on his snap poll victory.

Nigel has form in this area. In 2004 an Italian anarchist group sent letter bombs to European political leaders, with one exploding at the Manchester office of Labour MEP Gary Titley.

This prompted Farage to claim that this was the, errr, “price of forcing a political ideal on people”:

“We have spent 10 years warning that the route the European Union has chosen for itself, to swallow up nation states without giving the people of Europe the final say, was destined to end in civil unrest and violence.

“It would appear that that prediction is now coming true.

“We can only hope that the EU comes to its senses and listens to the people.

“If it fails to do so, then there is clearly a very real danger of an accelerating wave of attacks as more and more extremist groups resort to violence as they are denied democracy.”

Justifying terrorism anyone?

Europe debate: Farage couldn’t explain why he put wife on payroll

As his debate with Nick Clegg drew to a close, Nigel Farage was challenged on why he put his wife on the EU/taxpayer-funded payroll. The FT reported two weeks ago:

In 2000, the year after his election, Mr Farage was filmed in a documentary criticising the EU gravy train and the way that MEPs could put their partners on their staff.

In 2004, he told his MEPs that they should not employ wives, with “no exceptions”, according to Mike Nattrass, a former UKIP MEP.

His unconvincing response this evening was a bad joke followed by a claim that he needs a member of staff there “when he get home at midnight”.

This is a man whose whole career is based on claiming the EU wastes money.

UKIP have produced a film … about an alien invasion of Bradford

UKIP UFO video

Have you ever wondered what a UKIP party election broadcast crossed with a sci-fi B-movie would look like? Well, errr, wonder no longer:

“EUFO’s [sic] invade the City of Bradford, only UKIP stands in their way of EU’s invasion. Leader of the UKIP’s District forces faces down the evil EU bureaucrat in Bradford’s City Hall.”

That’s right. To compensate for their lack of representation in a city where the lock of the main parties has already been broken by 11 independent councillors across four groupings, ‘kippers in West Yorkshire have wasted their time producing a “spoof Sci-Fi election video with a serious message”.

UKIP UFO video

Passable special effects include UFOs looming over Bradford landmarks whiles local ‘kippers are interviewed in the foreground — before one EU-branded monstrosity destroys the local university with an energy beam.

UKIP UFO video

Local party chairman and narrator Jason Smith says of the manifesto which Nigel Farage calls “drivel” and admits he didn’t read:

“We have the most comprehensive manifesto of any UK political party, as unlike the old anti-UK parties … our self governance will allow us to make policy in every area”

First there was the UKIP sandwich poem leaflet … now this.

More: The video in full »

Nigel Farage intervened on e-cigarettes after £31,000 donation

Nigel Farage smoking

The FT’s chief political correspondent has taken some time out from remixing Nigel Farage speeches to skewer the UKIP leader on a blatant conflict of interest. On the day the Europe was due to legislate on e-cigarettes, Farage appeared on YouTube slamming the move – after the party had received £31,000 in donations from a manufacturer of the tobacco substitutes.

With refillable e-cigarettes facing a ban by the Commission, UKIP had received £25,000 from Pillbox 38 Ltd and another £11,000 from its founder. Farage gushed of the challenge to the single-use electronic fags produced by Big Tobacco:

“But into this vacuum have [come] a whole host of entrepreneurs producing these kind of things, with refillables … and these things are remarkable!”

This will have a familiar ring to regular Scrapbook readers. UKIP’s arms-length MEP Godfrey Bloom served on one of Europe’s top finance committees while failing to declare that he had a controlling stake in a firm of independent financial advisers. The Yorkshire and Humber MEP was also all over the media and YouTube defending the interests of the sector:

Bloom then lied about his arrangements after Scrapbook spilled the beans — before rushing to amend his declaration of interests with handwritten scrawl. Armed with documents to prove the case, this blog then approached a number of MEPs’ offices to bring an official complaint against Bloom but none were interested.

And the main parties wonder why UKIP has suddenly become a problem.

Tories and UKIP refused to back flood prevention in Euro Parliament

UKIP Conservative EU flood vote

UPDATE: Tory spinners have been in touch to clarify: “The Votewatch listing that you cite refers to a recorded vote on Paragraph 2, part 3 of the resolution only. Therefore, the part of the resolution that Conservative MEPs voted against was this particular element”. However the Tories still abstained in the final vote — refusing to back the the measures outlined below.

While David Cameron and Nigel Farage were falling over themselves (almost literally) for a good photo op in the south west this week, perhaps they should have told the good people of the Somerset Levels that both their parties refused to back flood prevention in a European Parliament vote. Farage didn’t even bother turning up.

Tory and UKIP groups abstained on a 2012 motion on the implementation of EU water legislation designed to tackle the “rise in the frequency and intensity of floods” with “adaptation and mitigation policies”. The vote emphasised “the importance of risk prevention, mitigation and response strategies to prevent water-related extreme phenomena”.

As if the relevance to flood-hit parts of the UK wasn’t clear enough it continues:

“some countries do not suffer from shortages of water but are having difficulty in managing the excess of water resulting from regular or heavy rainfall, flooding, river erosion and pollution affecting river basins and coastal areas, as well as the effects of these phenomena on the local population”

“Calls on the Commission to conduct a relevant analysis of the ways to prevent the effects of flooding, given the noticeable increase in the flood risk in Member States in recent years”

This could be particularly awkward for their sitting south west MEPs.

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