With latest polling predicting a triumph for Nigel Farage in the constituency of South Thanet, the only thing standing between the UKIP leader and the Commons may be comedian Al Murray. Having already announced (VIDEO) that his ‘pub landlord’ alter ego will oppose Farage under the ‘FUKP’ banner, the it has now been revealed that he will be parachuted […]

With Nigel Farage launching the party’s election immigration platform earlier today, former Conservative party MEP Roger Helmer claimed it was “the best political press event I’ve ever seen”: Our UKIP immigration policy launch today in London was quite possibly the best political press event I've ever seen. — Roger Helmer (@RogerHelmerMEP) March 4, 2015 But it didn’t take long for […]

With UKIP’s immigration policy launched at an event in the last hour, something tells Scrapbook that the configuration of candidates and activists surrounding Nigel “It’s okay to call someone a Chinky” Farage was somewhat less than random. It’s a ruse they’ve used before. Here’s Pakistani heritage then UKIP candidate Amjad Bashir in October 2013: Fifteen months later, however, […]

Releasing a graphic referencing the (false) claims that Ed Miliband colluded to avoid inheritance tax on his father’s estate, the Kippers have decided to claim they have a “zero tolerance” stance on tax avoidance: “UKIP has a zero tolerance approach to tax avoidance, no matter how important you think you are. Perhaps someone should let their party […]

Ahead of his speech today in Castle Point, Essex, Nigel Farage praised the UKIP candidate in the seat, Jamie Huntman, as a “straight-talking guy” who works as a “timber merchant”. Mr Huntman styles himself as simply a local businessman and has slammed politicians who have previously worked in politics saying they “do not actually live […]