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New BNP leader is drink driver and chased kids using Land Rover

Adam Walker BNP

With Nick Griffin standing down as chairman of the BNPapparently to save face following an election wipeout in May — here’s everything you need to know about the party’s new leader, Adam Walker:

  • For a start, he’s a convicted drink driver
  • Narrowly avoided prison after driving his Land Rover over a village green in pursuit of 11 year-old children, then slashing their bicycle tyres with a stanley knife. Then working as a secondary school teacher, Walker was banned from the profession for life over this incident.
  • In a previous standards hearing, Walker was found to have posted racist messages on the internet during a lesson. He used the username “Corporal Fox” to suggest a military link.
  • Wore military fatigues to falsely suggest he was a member of the British armed forces — before admitting he hadn’t served a day in his life.
  • Called Britain a “multicultural shithole”.

While the handover was at least partly by mutual consent (rather than a coup) this will be unwelcome news for for a number of BNP officials which rely on Griffin for patronage — and threatens to further destabilise the party.

It’s great to see the BNP led by a man with such convictions … for, errr, drink driving, dangerous driving and possessing a bladed instrument.

Nick Griffin “MEP”: BNP leader still claiming European seat

Nick Griffin "MEP" Twitter

Nick Griffin is still claiming to be an MEP on social media – more than 36 hours after conceding his North West region seat by Twitter and asking for help changing his username:

It’s almost as though the responses he received weren’t entirely helpful.

North West employment stats update

Remixed: Nick Griffin vs Nigel Farage

Incompetent BNP send botched leaflets to whole North West region

Nick Griffin sad

Police are investigating Nick Griffin’s election leaflets, which fail to meet Electoral Commission guidelines by including a so-called ‘imprint’ stating who had produced the material. Voters across Griffin’s North West constituency have received the botched leaflets — for which they receive free delivery from Royal Mail.

The news comes the the party put a fake vicar in their election broadcast. Shameless charlatan Robert West reckons he is entitled to wear a dog collar and title himself ‘Reverend’ — despite never having been ordained.

Fake BNP vicar

Before urging viewers to vote BNP, West, who set up the far-right Christian Council of Britain, can be seen fiddling with a lock on a stone building as though he has just exited. This is nothing more than a con trick to imply that West has a church at all.

The last known venue of West’s ‘ministry’ was a residential house in Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

Delusional Nick Griffin claims ‘best ever voter response’ for BNP

BNP leader and soon-to-be-former MEP Nick Griffin is back to his delusional best, telling Breitbart UK of the coming European elections:

“We are finding the best ever response in terms of sympathy and interest as we meet the public while campaigning”

This reminds Scrapbook of similarly ludicrous claims before the 2011 Welsh Assembly elections. The party released a video of fellow fascist Simon Darby interviewing Griffin — claiming that supporters were “mobbing the car” and that they had won a seat unless there was “enormous fraud”:

In reality, they ran out of money for leaflets before polling just 0.8%.

Joke’s on them: Near-bankrupt BNP claim they’ve bought £95m plane

BNP April Fools' plane

The British National Party have copied Tory chairman Grant Shapps and bought their own plane — at least according to an article and posted to their website on April Fools’ Day.

The irony with respect to the BNP’s parlous finances seems to be lost on the authors. The purchase of a Boeing 767-200 at a cost of $160m would certainly be of interest to the party’s creditors, which include the Equality and Human Rights Commission, law firms and former employees.

Sale of the airliner would certainly be enough to pay for deposits in European elections – something the BNP is apparently struggling to do.

  • Nick Griffin was declared bankrupt in January
  • His former deputy Simon Darby is also bankrupt
  • BNP officials are liable for debts as party is not incorporated
  • Party lost a £400,000 court case they hoped would fund Euro elections

The far-right party have even produced a video, which shows the Cayman Islands registered plane with blank livery digitally altered to display BNP branding:

Plane geeks have photographed the airliner flying to Europe from the, errr, Middle East.

Nick Griffin: New ‘BNP food banks’ are for whites only

BNP food bank

With the news that the BNP campaign teams are doubling up as mobile food banks, Nick Griffin has intervened to clarify they are properly racist!

Scrapbook wishes the BNP luck trying this during the regulated period before a poll. This is from the Electoral Commission’s summary of election offences:

“A person is guilty of treating if either before, during or after an election they directly or indirectly give or provide any food, drink, entertainment or provision to corruptly influence any voter to vote or refrain from voting. Treating requires a corrupt intent – it does not apply to ordinary hospitality”

The “Nazi Welfare Organisation” ran soup kitchens for the destitute in the 1920s and 30s.

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