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Joke’s on them: Near-bankrupt BNP claim they’ve bought £95m plane

BNP April Fools' plane

The British National Party have copied Tory chairman Grant Shapps and bought their own plane — at least according to an article and posted to their website on April Fools’ Day.

The irony with respect to the BNP’s parlous finances seems to be lost on the authors. The purchase of a Boeing 767-200 at a cost of $160m would certainly be of interest to the party’s creditors, which include the Equality and Human Rights Commission, law firms and former employees.

Sale of the airliner would certainly be enough to pay for deposits in European elections – something the BNP is apparently struggling to do.

  • Nick Griffin was declared bankrupt in January
  • His former deputy Simon Darby is also bankrupt
  • BNP officials are liable for debts as party is not incorporated
  • Party lost a £400,000 court case they hoped would fund Euro elections

The far-right party have even produced a video, which shows the Cayman Islands registered plane with blank livery digitally altered to display BNP branding:

Plane geeks have photographed the airliner flying to Europe from the, errr, Middle East.

Nick Griffin: New ‘BNP food banks’ are for whites only

BNP food bank

With the news that the BNP campaign teams are doubling up as mobile food banks, Nick Griffin has intervened to clarify they are properly racist!

Scrapbook wishes the BNP luck trying this during the regulated period before a poll. This is from the Electoral Commission’s summary of election offences:

“A person is guilty of treating if either before, during or after an election they directly or indirectly give or provide any food, drink, entertainment or provision to corruptly influence any voter to vote or refrain from voting. Treating requires a corrupt intent – it does not apply to ordinary hospitality”

The “Nazi Welfare Organisation” ran soup kitchens for the destitute in the 1920s and 30s.

Nick Griffin: I’m big in Iran!

Nick Griffin in shadow

Having addressed a gathering of far-right extremists in Germany, The BNP is boasting — without a shred of irony — about footage of Nick Griffin being syndicated in Iran:

“Despite the ruthless censorship efforts of the BBC and Murdoch’s Sky, more and more political reality is leaking out through the Web.”

“The [Ruptly news agency] covered the Nationalist Youth Congress in Germany last weekend, providing footage of Nick Griffin’s speech and an interview with the BNP leader which appeared on RT and a major news outlet in Iran.”

That would be the, errr, Islamic Repubic of Iran.

As during a failed far-right fundraising trip to Libya in 1988, Griffin is perfectly happy to put his bigotry to one side if a donation is in the offing.  The National Front also supported Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini during the 1980s.

Nick Griffin and Derek Holland pose under Gaddafi poster in 1988

Griffin and far-right colleague Derek Holland on fundraising trip to Libya

With his EU Bisto rations due to expire on 22 May, it looks like the BNP leader is once more on the hunt for foreign cash.

British MEP in racist outburst … Okay, just Nick Griffin

It looks like North West MEP Nick Griffin has given up pretending to be anything other than a swivel-eyed fascist:

It’s not Lenny Henry who used to mate around with far-right paramilitaries or have had a convicted nailbomber on his party payroll or a gangland hitman as his personal bodyguard.

Roll on 22 May.

Desperate BNP mount public appeal for Euro election candidates

Nick Griffin sad

The BNP’s European election campaign looks to be lurching from financial uncertainty to almost guaranteed disaster – with the party forced to advertise for candidates barely two months away from the poll. That the BNP is incapable of mustering a full ‘regional list’ of candidates behind-the-scenes, and is resorting to a public appeal is surely a new low for the party.

The advert is as follows and claims the move is “due to illness” of a number of individuals:

BNP candidate appeal

With the party dreaming of matching its 2009 high water mark of two MEPs, people further down the lists are the exemplar of ‘paper candidates’, with no prospect of election. Why, then, are the BNP bothering to appeal for individuals to replace them?

Are these people really ill — or is this further evidence of BNP splits?

Doomed Nick Griffin wants you to name his election mascot

BNP führer and soon to be former MEP for the North West, Nick Griffin, is currently running a competition to name an imaginary pet bulldog:

BNP bulldog mascot

Mouth-breathing supporters on the BNP’s Facebook page are backing “Winston” (Churchill) for the dog’s name with 64 mentions, while “Enoch” (Powell) and (Lee) “Rigby” are also in the running.

But Scrapbook has a better suggestion. A penchant for fascist ideology isn’t the only thing Nick Griffin shared with Hitler — he loved dogs too!

Hitler with a dog

So if the BNP are looking for the perfect metaphor for their electoral prospects, surely the name of Adolf’s beloved German Shepherd should be in contention?

“Blondi” was put down by cyanide pill as the Red Army swarmed Berlin.

BNP beg supporters for cash after losing £400,000 court case

Nick Griffin sad

The BNP don’t hate all immigrants — especially if they’re an English expatriate living in Spain who plans to bequeath the party nearly £400,000 from an offshore investment fund.

Northumbria born Joseph Robson wrote Nick Griffin’s merry men into his will while effectively disenfranchising his children. When the 81 year-old Alicante resident popped his clogs in 2010, BNP officials prepared for a bumper payday while his two sons had just £135 between them.

But any far-right smugness evaporated when it emerged that Mr Robson might not be a legal donor under British election law. Having been living outside the UK since 1992, a court ruled last month that he can’t donate to British political parties and his sons should get the cash instead.

The legal fiasco was the subject of a particularly desperate fundraising email earlier today:

BNP fundraising email

With Nick Griffin’s EU-funded office one of the BNP’s last sources of income, perhaps the party might want to rethink that masthead.

Coming behind the Green Party in the Wythenshawe by-election last week, ‘getting Nick Griffin MEP out of the EU’ seems to be exactly what North West voters have in mind.

Master (Race) Chef: Nick Griffin’s bizarre attempt at TV cookery

Master Race Chef

While Nick Griffin was declared bankrupt four days ago, it seems he won’t be starving to death. The BNP leader has tried his hand as the far right’s answer to poverty food writer Jack Monroe — with a 33 minute long YouTube video of him cooking beef stew with budget ingredients. Naturally, he emphasises that the beef is British.

While Griffin tells us that the £10 ingredients would serve up to six fascists, it isn’t the cheapest meal he has eaten. A year ago, he told party activists in Coventry that he had fed his children a dead animal from the road:

“Yep, me and the kids ate road kill once.”

Of course, no BNP activity feels quite complete without the implied threat of violence, so at the 23:45 mark Griffin tells his followers how to make mace from a combination of soda water and Tabasco sauce.

This is nearly as weird as that video of him reading the Nativity.

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