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Dr. No: Nick Clegg leaflet lists blocked Tory policies he’s blocked

Nick Clegg earned himself the moniker ‘Dr No’ with a speech to Lib Dem conference last September in which he enumerated Tory policies that his party have blocked as junior coalition partners.

He’s now turned it into a leaflet, which is going out in his Sheffield Hallam constituency:

Nick Clegg 'No' leaflet for Sheffield Hallam

Scrapbook  can only assume the reverse of this page lists policies that he voted for:

  • Increasing tuition fees
  • Stealth privatisation of the NHS
  • The Bedroom Tax
  • Cutting income tax for those earning over £150,000
  • Raising VAT to 30%

We’re confident readers can supply some more.

Lib Dems: Clegg harmed EU case and boosted UKIP … but we don’t care!

Nick Clegg laughing

Lib Dem Voice co-editor Stephen Tall blogs on why “Nick Clegg’s gamble of laying down the gauntlet to Nigel Farage” has not failed — despite yet another whupping for at the hands of the UKIP leader:

“There’s no denying that Nigel Farage and Ukip have emerged well from these debates, especially tonight’s.”

“But [the Ukip] will resonate least well with Lib Dem voters, and best with Tory and Labour voters. A polling spike for Ukip will probably be at their expense, not ours.”

Translation: Clegg has harmed the pro-Europe case and boosted extremist UKIP’s chances of securing more MEPs … but that doesn’t matter because it hurts other parties more in the short term!

‘The Party of IN’: In it for themselves!

‘English skills vital’ says Clegg press release with spelling mistake in title

Nick Clegg gives a speech on giving young people the skills they need … like being able to spell properly:

Nick Clegg cannot spoll

The press release itself says:

“English and maths skills are vital for success in today’s labour market.”

Apart from the Civil Service, apparently.

Crisis for Clegg: Defiant Portsmouth Lib Dems let Hancock keep Cabinet job

clegg-hancockPortsmouth’s Liberal Democrat councillors made a defiant challenge to Nick Clegg’s authority tonight, by voting to let Mike Hancock keep his seat on the city’s cabinet, despite having been suspended by the party for alleged sexual misconduct

The astonishing decision, made during a three hour private meeting, comes just hours after a High Court judge overruled the council’s attempt to prevent Hancock’s alleged victim seeing the full report into the scandal.

Hancock was suspended from the national party earlier this week, after a redacted copy of the Pascoe Report into his behaviour was leaked to Scrapbook and Guido. He remains a member of Portsmouth Council – as well as an MP – but currently sits as an independent.

The council’s Lib Dem group broke the news in a brazenly defiant statement, taking Hancock’s side against the national party leadership:

‘Cllr Mike Hancock no longer remains a member of the Portsmouth City Council Liberal Democrat Group because, having had his membership suspended by the party at national level, it is not possible for him to remain a member of the city council group until the suspension is lifted.

The group acknowledges that the suspension has been imposed before the issue to which suspension relates has been properly and fairly determined through due process in the courts.’

It means Hancock – who denies allegations he forced his tongue down the throat of a vulnerable constituent, repeatedly turned up at her house and masturbated on her sofa – will keep his job as cabinet member for planning, regeneration and economic development.

And the £10,300 pay packet that goes with it.


Lawyers’ letter in full: treat Hancock in the same way as Rennard

Mike Hancock: with Simon Hughes, Alistair Carmichael and Nick Clegg

Mike Hancock MP was finally suspended from the Lib Dems yesterday after an explosive official report into claims of sexual harassment was leaked. With an attempted cover-up (DETAILS) by local Liberal Democrats having failed, lawyers for Hancock’s alleged victim — a vulnerable woman with a history of mental health problems — have written to party chief executive demanding that party rules are applied to Hancock as they were to Lord Rennard.

The letter, which was copied to the party’s head of compliance David Allworthy and is published in full by Scrapbook below, piles pressure on Nick Clegg, ex-deputy leader Simon Hughes and chief whip Alistair Carmichael — who failed to suspend Hancock when they met with him in June:

“A meeting was then arranged on 3 June 2013 between Mike Hancock, Nick Clegg, Simon Hughes and Alistair Carmichael following which, Mr Hancock offered his temporary resignation from the parliamentary party”

Despite resigning the whip in Westminster, he was allowed to carry on as a Lib Dem councillor and candidate in Portsmouth — where his colleagues fought tooth and nail to stop the council-commissioned report into the allegations being released. Lawyers for the council are due in the High Court tomorrow afternoon, where they will argue that Hancock’s alleged victim should not be given an unredacted copy of the document. Hancock denies the claims and calls the report “one-sided”.

This letter is at least the fifth time that the victim or her lawyers have written to the Lib Dems. As Scrapbook observed last week, the parallels with the Rennard case are chilling. Ironically enough Lib Dem HQ were paid a visit yesterday by the author of an internal report into, errr, the failure to properly investigate allegations of sexual harassment:

Perfect timing.

More: Read the letter in full »

The other Lib Dem ‘sex case’: QC report on Mike Hancock MP covered up

Mike Hancock / Lord Rennard

With Nick Clegg’s failure to take action against Lord Rennard plastered across the papers today, the link with another ‘sex case’ featuring even more sickening allegations against a national Lib Dem politician has gone unremarked in the mainstream media.

Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock — who is also a councillor in the city — is currently subject to a private prosecution brought by a registered vulnerable adult who claims he sexually assaulted her. While the party at least published a summary of their internal report into Rennard yesterday, Liberal Democrat-run Portsmouth City Council are currently sitting on their QC-authored investigation into Mike Hancockand have gone to the High Court to prevent it being used in the civil case.

With his office accused of ignoring letters from the complainant’s solicitors sent in early 2011, in March 2013 Nick Clegg told LBC that he had dispatched a senior MP to investigate, before “temporarily withdrawing” the whip from Hancock three months later:

“My chief whip has gone down to Portsmouth, has spoken to Mike Hancock’s solicitors, has written to the complainant’s solicitors offering to meet them, I hope they will do that. So I hope you won’t imply in any way that we’re not acting very, very thoroughly and quickly in response to what of course are serious allegations which are also very vigorously denied by Mike Hancock.”

The stage is set for two key confrontations next week: Portsmouth Council will debate the case on Tuesday and the High Court will rule on the report on Friday.

After Rennard, any further evidence of inaction in such a case will be utterly toxic for Nick Clegg.

Clegg says ‘no role for Rennard’ but peer will help write manifesto

Lord Rennard

With the Liberal Democrats taking no action against Lord Rennard over ‘sex pest’ claims from multiple activists, Nick Clegg has attempted to appease incensed female party figures by stating that the disgraced peer will have no role in the election campaign. No role other than, errr, writing the manifesto.

As a member of the party’s Federal Policy Committee, Rennard sits alongside Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander and others to write policy papers for Lib Dem conference — in addition to the manifesto itself:

“The Federal Policy Committee is also responsible for writing the General Election Manifesto, in consultation with the Parliamentary Party, based on the agreed policies of the party but updating them where necessary.”

Clegg’s response is redolent of his initial botched attempt to put a lid on the scandal – which saw the deputy prime minister’s version of events unravel live on radio.

Let’s see how long he manages to stay on the Committee.

Is this Nick Clegg’s 21st taxpayer-funded special adviser?

Myrddin Edwards

The BBC’s Welsh affairs editor reports that the Welsh Lib Dem’s top spinner Myrddin Edwards is to become yet another Nick Clegg special adviser:

The official SpAd list put Clegg’s tally at 19 at the end of October. The arrival of Emma Gilpin-Jacobs a few days later brought this figure to 20.

If Edwards isn’t replacing someone then this is Clegg’s 21st — after the Coalition Agreement said the government would “put a limit on the number of Special Advisers”.

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