Edging Labour by just a singe point in Lord Ashcroft’s constituency polling from January, government minister and serial fibber Simon Hughes seems to have hit upon a novel way to maximise the political utility of old campaign signs — painting over the bit which mentions the Lib Dems! Spot the Difference! Before, "Simon Hughes & the Liberal Democrats". […]

Scrapbook reported in January on the complete absence of Nick Clegg in one particular leaflet going out in his own constituency — and it seems his Lib Dem colleagues aren’t enthused either. With the crowd-sourced website ElectionLeaflets.org re-launched for the short campaign, a trawl of new Lib Dem leaflets conducted by the site’s operators failed to uncover a single […]

With supporters of Nick Clegg saying loudly that a damaging poll in his constituency does not take into account past voting intention, a re-weighting of the Survation/Unite survey data by Scrapbook suggests he is still trailing Labour by three points. Challenged on his LBC show the Lib Dem leader blustered: “This poll is such utter, utter bilge The 10-point lead for Labour briefed to […]

A Liberal Democrat general electio leaflet being distributed in Nick Clegg’s constituency doesn’t mention the deputy prime minister once — despite being printed in his own office. Having spent five years in coalition with the Conservative Party, Clegg’s team have the brass neck to try and attack Labour over proposed cuts: A party which will adopt Tory policies […]