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How many of Nadine Dorries’ five-star Amazon reviews are fake?

Nadine Dorries book reviews on Amazon

With her debut tome dropping to a mixed reception back in April (the Telegraph reviewer claimed it was the worst novel he’d read in ten years) part time MP Nadine Dorries has spent the summer boasting about the astronomical number of five-star ratings The Four Streets has gathered on Amazon: 1,115 and counting.

But something smells distinctly fishy about this apparent groundswell of popular support.

Take Mrs E. E. Lilley, for example. She hadn’t reviewed anything on Amazon since October 2013 — until four days ago when she posted a whopping 67 book reviews within hours, including one for Dorries’ The Four Streets. Every single one was five-star. Every single one had the title “I love it” and the body “Swift smooth transaction”.

And while some of Dorries’ reviews are certainly genuine, the number which fit patterns commonly associated with fake reviews is highly suspicious. Even some of the longer, more plausible sounding comments from ‘customers’ — such as those mentioning specific characters in the story — eerily similar phrases are repeated over and over.

See for yourselves by clicking on a few:

  1. Select on one of the shorter five star reviews
  2. Click ‘See all my reviews’
  3. A sure give away is every review from that account either being a short but gushing five-star recommendation or a one-star trashing (to stymie a competitor). Notice the use of samey phrases and endorsements.

Back in 2012 the online retailer was forced to begin a crackdown on fake reviews, purging thousands written by suspicious accounts after business magazine Forbes described the practice as “Amazon’s rotten core”. One disgruntled writer explains why some people are prepared to pay literally thousands of dollars for fakes:

“Now for big name authors, their books’ Amazon ratings may not matter so much – they have such a reputation and presence in bookstores that the average Joe will just buy the book off the shelf without doing research first. But new authors and authors who publish in smaller genres often earn their bread from the Amazon review system. A drop of a star can make a significant difference in the sales of the book.”

While there is no evidence linking Dorries or her publisher to the appearance of the questionable reviewsScrapbook can’t help being reminded of Mad Nads’ description of her own blog back in 2010:

“70% fiction and 30% fact”.


Is Nadine Dorries panicking as her enemies smell blood?

Nadine Dorries negative

Successive weekly revelations — that Nadine Dorries’ 68 year-old election agent is providing a home for a 20-something Romanian woman who advertises for group sex on the internet; that she is paying her daughter a salary of up to £35,000 as a ‘senior secretary’ despite her living 100 miles from the office — appear to be taking their toll on the maverick Tory MP. Indeed, Dorries is currently fending off the aggressions of the Sunday Mirror, bloggers, the parliamentary standards commissioner … and many within her own party.

And while the headline-worthy outburst above gave red top hack Ben Glaze (@BenGlaze) cause to check his dental insurance, key insights into Dorries’ situation can be gleaned from the blizzard of angry Twitter messages in the last few days:

1: She says that she is moving out of the constituency home owned by her 2010 election agent Andrew Rayment. As a co-director and shareholder in Averbrook Ltd, the company used by Dorries to process media appearance fees, Rayment is much more than just a landlord to the Tory MP.

Perhaps Rayment, something of a regional Tory grandee, was naive enough to think that his other business and property connections — with a woman pictured in a negligee on adult dating website Fling.com — would be overlooked by those scrutinising Dorries. Her moving out of his house could indicate a partial severing of financial ties in the light of this very unwelcome attention.

2: While Dorries still denies ever having met Rayment’s other business partner, she has apparently discussed the matter of the Sunday Mirror’s doorstepping of ‘internet glamour girl’ Ramona Ladin in detail with someone with first hand knowledge:

Nadine Dorries tweets on Ramona Ladin

She went on to make the defamatory claim that Ramona Ladin’s profile on the adult dating website Fling.com — for which Scrapbook can vouch authenticity — had been fabricated by journalists from the Sunday Mirror:

Nadine Dorries alleged fabrication by Sunday Mirror

If she is trying not to look rattled she isn’t doing a very good job.

More: See Dorries’ massive mobile bill »

Did Nadine Dorries mislead the Standards Committee?

Nadine Dorries

In the wake of new revelations about Tory Nadine Dorries’ business and financial connections, here’s a great spot from seasoned Dorries observers, Ministry of Truth and Bloggerheads.

Asked by the Standards Committee whether the company Averbrook Limited — co-owned with her election agent Andrew Rayment — was “a way of concealing earnings from media appearances and articles”, Dorries was at pains to distance Rayment from the political fallout:

“My business partners, who have nothing to do with me personally—he is just a business partner, with his wife—were very clear that, in going into business, they did not want to be brought into the public domain via my political position.”

But she told the Sunday Mirror that Rayment and his wife were far more than ‘just business partners’:

“Andy and Ann Rayment are two of my closest friends.”

So did she lie to the Standards Committee or the press?

It has to be one or the other.

Nadine Dorries agent provides home and business for mystery woman

  • Dorrries’ 68 year-old election agent provides home and business for mystery woman in mid-twenties
  • Ramona Ladin has ‘glamour model’ photo shoot pics on casual sex website
  • Ladin claims Dorries is ‘her best friend’ but MP has ‘no recollection’ of meeting her


Top Bedfordshire Tory Andrew Rayment owns Nadine Dorries’ constituency home and is a director of the company used for the MPs’ media appearances — but he also provides accommodation and a business to a twenty-something Romanian woman who is advertising for casual sex online, the Sunday Mirror reports. The news is the latest twist connected with Nadine Dorries’ business arrangements, which saw her apologise to the House of Commons for failing to declare income from second jobs.

26-year-old Ramona Ladin recently gained an NVQ in hairdressing and is advertising for free work experience as a hairdresser. She says that she is working nights in a warehouse. But this summer, Andrew Rayment bought a £230,000 house in a Milton Keynes cul-de-sac which she is living in and set her up with a business — Hairflair MK Limited — as a co-director. Rents in the area are around £980 per month and she is currently driving an £18,000 BMW 1 Series.

Despite Ladin saying that Dorries was someone with “a good heart” and, indeed, her “best friend”, the Mid-Bedfordshire is claiming that she has “no recollection” of having met her:

“I do not believe that someone I have no recollection of having met has told you she is my best friend.

Under the username ‘sefovoastra’ — Romanian for ‘your boss’ — Ladin also has a profile (NSFW) on the adult website Fling.com where it is stated she is interested in “experimenting” and group sex.

Carry On Milton Keynes.


Standards watchdog tells Nadine Dorries: apologise over IACGMOOH

Nadine Dorries, sole director of Averbrook Ltd

Nadine Dorries in serious trouble with the Standards Commissioner for failing to declare her commission for appearing on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

  • Mad Nads set up firm Averbrook Limited to handle media fees
  • Dorries claims that money paid to a company — rather than her directly — doesn’t need to be declared
  • Commissioner still finds her in “serious breach of the code of conduct”

It’s likely Dorries reasoned the political hit from breaching the rules and being forced to apologise — was less than that she would incur disclosing the sizeable fee she received for abandoning her constituents.

The Commissioner is recommending a rules change.

13 votes: Nadine Dorries humiliated in deputy speaker election


With her attention-seeking behaviour offending Tory colleagues almost as much as her Labour and Lib Dem foes, Nadine Dorries has dismally failed in her bid to become deputy speaker of the Commons — coming last with just 13 of 551 votes.

The Tory replacing former deputy speaker Nigel Evans — who has stepped down to defend sex charges — is Eleanor Laing, who secured victory after six rounds of transfers under the first transferable vote system (FULL RESULTS).


UPDATE: Dorries blames defeat on her abortion views »

Another fat fee? Now Nadine Dorries wants to go on Strictly

Strictly Come Dancing

Nadine Dorries, who caused uproar by abandoning parliament to appear on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, has told Total Politics that she “definitely would do more reality [TV] stuff”:

“I definitely would do more reality stuff. My constituents absolutely love it, because they’ve got someone of their own, who they see in Tesco, on there… I’d love to do Strictly Come Dancing – who knows?”

She must be hoping that BBC producers haven’t been reading her blog:

“It should be all over for the BBC.”

“I hope every member of the British public thinks hard about what the BBC now stands for; and I hope people in my own party who support both the institution of the BBC and the licence fee will ask themselves, why?”

“The incoming Conservative government has many big dragons to slay, the BBC has to be the biggest.”

“Why do we expect people who are worried about whether or not they can afford their mortgage and Christmas, to pay £140 for a licence fee”, Dorries asked.

Presumably so that she can receive a fat fee while repeatedly moonlighting from her day job.

Which random black person does Chuka Umunna remind Nadine of?

Nadine Dorries has decided to channel someone that doesn’t see ethnic minorities very often:

Nadine Dorries on Chuka Umunna

Let’s have a look:

Does Chuka Umunna look like Chris Eubank?

It’s uncanny … they’re both black!

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