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Mitt Romney dances Gangnam Style

Failed presidential hopeful Mitt Romney throwing some K-Pop shapes with British-born musician Alex Boye at a Mormon dating convention in Arizona.

Mitt Romney dancing like your dad … just what you need to get you in the mood.

The proof that Mitt Romney is actually a pantomime villain

Mitt Romney and Montgomery Burns

Since he was trounced by Barack Obama, Mitt Romney has had plenty of time to spend with his four homes spread across the US. But even this wasn’t enough, so he’s building his fifth — a 5,900 square feet mansion and his second property in Utah.

And an examination of published plans by the Salt Lake Tribune has found Romney’s architects drawing on Hammer Horror for inspiration:

“If you look closely at the bookshelves there, you find something interesting: a secret door.”

“The second bookshelf from the far wall is really a door that swivels out to reveal a hidden room.”

That’s right. A moving bookshelf. In the study past the fireplace. Concealing a hidden room.

Don’t have nightmares.

Pictures of Republicans looking sad

Last night gave the Republicans plenty of things to feel glum about. With Obama relected and retaining the senate, it was clearly the Democrats’ night — Mitt Romney (above) wasn’t the only politician left looking a bit sad.

So as we all recover from staying up too late watching electoral college votes roll in, Scrapbook presents a rundown of the best pictures of miserable Republicans:

Controversial Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly complained that “the white establishment is now the minority.”

See the rest of the miserable GOPers »

Romney takes hit in late polling, Obama ‘has 92% chance of victory’

Mitt Romney’s prospects in the US elections have taken another blow, with president Obama pulling away in polling. In the 12 national surveys of voting intention published yesterday, the incumbent led by an average of 1.6 percent, gaining ground in all but one:

While Romney still has the chance to win the popular vote, the odds of him securing backing in the electoral college look to be fading, with the statistical model used by leading pollster Nate Silver putting him at just 8.0%:

As Jay-Z told a rally in Columbus, Ohio yesterday: “I got 99 problems but a Mitt ain’t one.”

Top US pollster: Obama has 86% chance of winning the election

Obama has an almost nine in ten chance of winning the US election. Nate Silver, whose Five Thirty Eight polling blog is published by the New York Times, predicted Obama an 86.3% chance of winning today – up 11.7% since the end of October.

Though the figures from Silver’s model of the electoral college differ from other pollsters, he has form: he correctly predicted 49 out of 50 states in the previous 2008 election and all of the 35 senate races. In a recent blogpost, Silver explained his reason for calling Obama the favourite despite the popular vote seeing a difference of only 2.1%:

“The argument that Mr. Obama isn’t the favorite is the one that requires more finesse. If you take the polls at face value, then the popular vote might be a tossup, but the Electoral College favors Mr. Obama.”

For example, RealClearPolitics have compiled an average of polls from 22nd October to the 4th November and are calling it much closer, with Obama at 47.9 and Romney at 47.4, leaving only a 0.5 gap between them.

Polls close in eastern states from 11pm UK time tomorrow.

Romney focuses Sandy aid on swing states rather than worst hit

Mitt Romney’s politicising of national disasters during the US presidential campaign has previously come in for significant criticism, but now it’s looking like he’s doing it again in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Whilst Barack Obama has been winning cross-party plaudits for his statesmanlike response, his Republican challenger has been left trying to catch up. Romney urged his supporters to bring disaster relief supplies to a “non-political” event, but it seems that despite crying off the campaign trail, his efforts have been focused on, erm, key swing states.

Whilst New York is cleaning up severe devastation in the wake of the storm, it hasn’t seen any of Romney-aid — possibly because of its support for the Democrats? Yet help has been focused on battleground states like Virginia and New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton has been using Sandy as a springboard to mock Romney’s climate change scepticism:

Poor Mitt seems to have been blown away.

Meat Loaf tells Mitt Romney rally that Cold War is still on

Rock star Meat Loaf appeared at the opening of Mitt Romney’s Ohio rally giving a bizarre weather report on political relations around the world — before an out-of-tune performance of America the Beautiful.

“There has [sic] storm clouds come over the United States. There is [sic] thunder storms over Europe. There are hail storms – and I mean major hail storms! – in the Middle East. There are storms brewing through China, through Asia, through everywhere.”

Meat Loaf said he had never endorsed a presidential candidate before, but he thinks “that in 2012 this is the most important election in the history of the United States“.

Rambling, he went on to say “There’s only one man that on the other night, when President Barack Obama, God bless him, said to Mitt Romney,

‘The Cold War is over’ – I have never heard such a thing in my life … The man needs to understand [Vladimir] Putin and Russia.”

He was of course referring to Barack Obama’s mocking of Mitt Romney at the presidential election debate where Obama likened Romney’s foreign policy to that of the Cold War.

Romney had no option but to laugh off the shambolic performance.

“God intended” rape pregnancies, says Republican senate candidate

Mitt Romney has been forced to distance himself from another fellow Republican candidate after a US senate candidate claimed that pregnancy after rape is what “God intended”. Richard Mourdock told the audience for a TV debate:

“I came to realize life is that gift from God, and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen”

The Republican rape gaffe is at least the second of the US elections, coming after a House of Representatives member Todd Akin claimed that victims of what he described as “legitimate rape” wouldn’t get pregnant:

“from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Qulle suprise: Mourdock is backed by the Tea Party movement.

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