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Unfortunate picture/headline combination of the day

Unfortunate headline and picture combination for Chris Huhne in the Metro

Commuters should have been forgiven for a double-take when reading page 9 of Metro this morning, where a picture of Chris Huhne’s release appears alongside the headline (for a different story) “Rapists let off with a caution”.

A coincidence … or did the Metro designers decided to have a bit of fun yesterday evening?

Daily Mail slams porn … while its sister paper runs porn adverts

Daily Mail porn campaign front page

With the government dropping plans for compulsory blocking of porn in the face of opposition from parents themselves, the Daily Mail have vowed to continue the fight in a front page splash and editorial, which whines:

“bewilderingly, ministers have instead decided to side with the internet companies who, of course, make millions from adverts for porn”

News of this crusade evidently hasn’t reached the remainder of publisher Associated Newspapers, with the Mail’s sister paper, Metro, running, erm, adverts for porn in the form of adult chat lines and this  “become a porn star” job vacancy (see p51 of today’s edition):

Adult movie star advert in Metro

Now that’s joined up journalism.

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