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Farage rejects far-right extremists courted by his UKIP MEP colleague

Gerard Batten with Geert Wilders

Far-right crackpots Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen reckon Nigel Farage is their kind of chap — which is why they invited UKIP to join their new grouping in the Brussels yesterday.

Forced to rebut the suggestion on Twitter, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if it turned out that a UKIP MEP had been cosying up to ‘extremist’ Wilders — even inviting him to the European Parliament for the showing of a far-right film which intersperses quotes from the Qur’an with footage of terrorist atrocities?

Errr … step forward London MEP Gerard Batten, who — when not sporting his ridiculous suit and tie in party colours (below) — loves nothing more than to heap praise on Wilders. Writing in Freedom Today, Batten gushed:

“he is a brave man trying to defend western civilisation in the face of its own loss of the most basic instinct of self-preservation”

Gerard Batten suit

And Farage has the cheek to act surprised when Europe’s far-right come calling.

French far-right success after consistent backing from Mail writer

While the rest of Europe recoils in horror, at least one person will be pleased by the record performance of the far right National Front in French presidential election  – and they’re a columnist for the Daily Mail.

Seduced, supposedly, by Marine Le Pen’s Euroscepticism, Richard Waghorne penned a puff piece in January in which the strident racism and holocaust denial of her Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie, who preceded her as National Front leader, are euphemistically referred to as “drawbacks”.

“it is becoming steadily more obvious that Marine Le Pen’s role in French public life is not merely legitimate but increasingly necessary.”

But Waghorne went further than this on Friday – with an article including a categoric endorsement:

“In present circumstances, given present choices, the only responsible vote in France next Sunday is a vote for Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front.”

This from a newspaper which, errr, supported Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.

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