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Dubious ‘entrepreneur’ claims of Tories’ Newark by-election candidate

Robert Jenrick

The Tories’ candidate in the Newark by-election is claiming to be an “entrepreneur” — despite only having only been the director of one company that was formed just six months ago and has never submitted accounts.

The wannabe MP — who should be a shoo in having inherited a majority of 16,132 — makes the claims on his Twitter bio before picking up the theme of his “experience” on Newark Conservatives’ website.

Robert Jenrick Twitter bio

“I went to Cambridge University, gained a first class degree and then went on to pursue a career building businesses, becoming International Managing Director at Christie’s, the leading art business. I’ve also been involved in my family’s small business here in the Midlands. So I can bring practical business and entrepreneurial experience to politics.”

While Jenrick’s experience as an antiques salesman is all well and good, the usual understanding of the word “entrepreneur” is someone that has founded, owns and runs their own business, usually employing people in the process.

The only business that Jenrick has ever owned, Vincent Square Properties Ltd, was incorporated on 4 October last year and is registered to a £2.5 million five bedroom house that the 32 year-old and his lawyer wife purchased three days prior:

Robert Jenrick's Vincent Square property

Overlooking a leafy square just minutes’ walk from the House of Commons, the four-storey property (ESTATE AGENT LISTING) was purchased with a loan from Citibank.

From the looks of planning applications filed with Westminster Council (search here for 14/01571/FULL) show that they plan to redevelop the property with a first-floor extension built by an established provider of high-end refurbishments, who is a co-director of Jenrick’s company.

The development will doubtless make Jenrick’s family and his bank manager very happy, but if this is the limit of his “entrepreneurship” then perhaps he should edit his Twitter bio.

As by-election CV exaggeration goes, this isn’t as bad as the Tories’ gaffe-prone Eastleigh candidate, who repeatedly (DETAILS) claimed to be a “business woman” — despite never been a director or held shares in a company for which she works.

Scrapbook’s scrutiny of Jenrick was brought to a temporary halt as the publicity shy candidate looks to have deleted his page from LinkedIn.

The online CV of the Tories’ auctioneer manager — going,  going … GONE!

Now winner of Eastleigh by-election caught exaggerating CV

Mike Thornton with Nick Clegg

Scrapbook exposed the questionable professional credentials of the Tories calamitous by-election hopeful Maria Hutchings last week. The gaffe-prone candidate described herself as a “business woman”, name-dropping blue chip companies like Texaco as “clients” — but had apparently never been a director of a company or held shares in an enterprise for which she worked.

Now the Lib Dems’ new MP Mike Thornton may have been caught in similar chicanery. Boasting of  “business experience”, the Lib Dems said that Thornton worked as a:

“Business and Development Manager”

Claiming that he “can help bring new jobs and investment to our area”, his “business” credentials sounds impressive. But his council register of member’s interests shows that Thornton works as a mortgage advisor to Southampton-based Simply Finance. Doubtless a worthy trade — but not a business leadership role.

“Independant [sic] Mortgage Advisor with contract to Simply Finance Group, Drivers Wharf, Southampton”

Political candidates who have worked in the private sector should stop over-egging their “business experience” to suggest they are entrepreneurs or have held leadership roles in SMEs.

Tories’ Eastleigh candidate fails to show up for yet another debate

38 Degrees Eastleigh hustings

As Scrapbook suggested this afternoon, the Conservative candidate in Eastleigh has once again been the only candidate from a mainstream party not to show up for a hustings. This time it’s the 38 Degrees one.

As with Radio 5 last week, Maria Hutchings has been “empty chaired”. A placard with her face on it has been placed where she should be sitting. Apparently the place is packed:

Eastleigh residents came out in the cold to participate in their democracy this evening. What does Maria Hutchings think of them that she can’t be bothered?

Will Tories’ Eastleigh candidate do a runner from yet another hustings?

Maria Hutchings and Grant Shapps

UPDATE: As predicted she didn’t show. Full story here.

While Lord Rennard’s allegedly wandering hands have provided Maria Hutchings’ disastrous campaign with political breathing space, the Tories still haven’t confirmed whether their off-message hopeful will be attending the 38 Degrees hustings this evening:

If she fails to turn up, this would be at least the second hustings she has snubbed. Hutchings was forced to deny she was kept off a Radio 5 debate last week because she was a “loose cannon”. On the basis of the photo below from the Southern Daily EchoScrapbook suspects her press officer (to the right) has his own views:

Jacob Wilmer with Maria Hutchings

You can’t spin that expression. Priceless.

Tories’ “business woman” candidate has never run a company

How do you solve a problem like Maria Hutchings?

The Tories’ candidate in Eastleigh appears never to have run a company — despite repeated claims that she is a “business woman”. Searches of records held by regulators indicate that gaffe-prone Maria Hutchings’ has never have been a director or to have held shares in a company for which she works.

Perhaps anyone who has worked in the private sector can follow Hutchings’ lead and describe themselves as a “business man” or “business woman”:

“I’m a straight talking business woman and mother of four who lives in the local area.”

Her current employer is a human resources consultancy owned by the former chair of Eastleigh Conservatives. Despite the “business woman” spin, however, Hutchings never took a stake in the company, which was formed just eight months ago.

Tory HQ have also taken to name-dropping prominent companies in connection with Hutchings:

“Maria has worked in the Communications Industry for twenty six years. Her clients have ranged from small businesses to blue chips such as EMI Records, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Texaco. Her specialisms in communications are recruitment and new business development.”

But her CV suggests she hasn’t worked for any of these household names for at least 16 years. The last time she worked for Texaco or EMI would appear to be in a four-month stint at a recruitment advertisers in 1986twenty seven years ago.

There is one former client of Hutchings’ employers which, funnily enough, doesn’t merit a mention — the Labour Party (of Malta).

Eric Pickles: “How old is your daughter?” Voter: “He’s a boy”

Maria Hutchings and Eric Pickles in Eastleigh

The Conservatives are really honing their inverse Midas touch down in Eastleigh:

They really can’t get anything right.

In the meantime, the Liberal Democrats — who outnumber the Tories ten to one on the council and have much better voter ID — will be hoovering up votes.

Tories in a spin over Radio 5 no-show

Maria Hutchings no-show on Radio 5

The Tories are so ashamed of their gaffe-prone by-election candidate that they have stopped Maria Hutchings appearing on a Radio 5 Live debate at which all the other main candidates were present.

With suggestions last night that Hutchings might not appear because she would be on the campaign trail with “a cabinet minister”, it later emerged that David Cameron would be visiting the constituency. Party sources have claimed that the BBC failed to agree an acceptable timing with them — and briefed against Auntie to Guido:

“The BBC are being disingenuous, they are wilfully misleading listeners. We’re not quite sure how this fits with their code of integrity”.

Nice try. But Scrapbook has established that the major parties were told about the broadcast eight days ago on Wednesday 13th. The CCHQ line is further undermined by news that Hutchings’ main event with Cameron takes place after the debate had concluded for the main candidates.

With the betting markets more or less certain that Hutchings will go down in flames next Thursday, the blame game will shape up to be interesting.

The ringleader of this shambles? Tory chairman Grant Shapps, who could have blocked her re-selection.

The Only Way Is Eastleigh

The Only Way Is Eastleigh

The Tories are obsessed with calling their by-election candidate Maria Hutchings a “local campaigner”“local champion” and a prospective “local MP”. Indeed, the page of her official website announcing her candidacy mentions the word “local” no less than eight times.

But doth the lady (Grant Shapps) protest too much? Hutchings clearly hadn’t read the script when she was speaking to the BBC after she was elevated to the party’s elite A-list prior to the last general election and a thumping by Chris Huhne, who increased his vote share by nearly nine percent.

Mrs Hutchings believes she has the ability to be a first class MP whatever the selection process but as an “Essex girl through and through” and proud of it

A county two hours drive from Hampshire might hold some attraction, however.

If it were up to Grant Shapps and her CCHQ minders, Hutchings would be kept in a Tory safe house in Essex right up until 10pm next Thursday.

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