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Audience critic of Charlotte Church mother overdose was Tory cllr

A woman who made a vile attack on Charlotte Church’s family during last week’s Question Time has been revealed to be a former Tory councillor. After the singer told the audience that her mother took an overdose following intrusions by the News Of The World, audience member Margaret Smith interjected:

“perhaps stronger people may have weathered that a little better”

Somewhat understandably, many in the audience reacted with groans of shock to the comment (zoom to 2:12).


Seized upon by the notoriously anti-Leveson Daily Mail, the paper described Church’s reply as “sharp” and “testy”claiming the former Tory councillor “said that celebrities who court the press should not be surprised if they are targeted.

We hope Smith showed her constituents more compassion during her 36-year tenure as a Swansea councillor.

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