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When Mensch told her business partner: “You’re a paedophile”

Louise Mensch with Luke Bozier

In his new book, political defector Luke Bozier has spilled the beans on the back-of-a-New-York-taxi phone call in which former his business partner and former Tory MP Louise Mensch cut him dead. She has just seen the salacious hacked contents of his email and would shortly report him to the police:

Mensch: Don’t come anywhere near me. You’re a paedophile.

Bozier: What? That’s ridiculous. I’m not a paedophile.

Mensch: I’ve seen what’s been posted on your blog. There are pictures of teenage girls, you are a paedophile.

Bozier: Louise, my whole life is ending, I just need to put this right and get back to Britain. I need help. You are practically my only friend in New York.

Mensch: I think you should consider turning yourself into the police immediately.

The first chapter is available for free here.

Luke Bozier accepts police caution following ‘indecent images’ arrest

Following his arrest on suspicion of viewing indecent images of children, Luke Bozier has blogged that he has accepted a caution from the Metropolitan Police:

“Based on my admission of viewing 16-year olds in bikinis, I was offered, and have accepted, a police caution.”

Seemingly a stranger to the concept of contrition, this runs under the headline:

Bozier blog headline: "My legal situation. Not guilty. The end."

Which sits oddly with the Ministry of Justice guidance on simple cautions:

Ministry of Justice guidance on simple cautions

He sent the full text of the post to ‘friends’ via email.

UPDATE: He’s now comparing himself to Oscar Wilde

Luke Bozier compares himself to Oscar Wilde

Louise Mensch website to close in wake of business partner arrest

Menschbozier Ltd

Louise Mensch’s social media website Menshn — previously touted as a “rival to Twitter” — is to close in the wake of her co-founder’s widely-publicised arrest on suspicion of viewing indecent images of children.

Luke Bozier writes:

It was widely publicised in the days following the hacking of my private email account that I had resigned from menshn, the company I founded and co-own with Louise Mensch. It wasn’t the case that I had resigned as a shareholder, and continue to retain my 50% of the shares in MenschBozier Ltd. However, Louise and I no longer have anything resembling a working relationship, and she no longer wishes to run a company in which I own shares.

I think we call this sort of business practice summary justice. Louise is judge, jury and god all rolled into one, and made a sweeping knee-jerk business decision based on something written online by a malicious hacker. Alas, I am forced to agree that we don’t have a basis for a working relationship, and frankly no longer wish to hold shares in a company she runs.

Statement to follow, presumably.

More: Mensch’s passive-aggressive response to Bozier »

Mensch ‘terminates’ business partner

Louise Mensch with Luke Bozier

After her business partner found himself embroiled in a scandal over alleged access to highly dubious “jailbait” pictures, former Tory MP Louise Mensch said Luke Bozier had resigned from the company.

She took her time filling in the paperwork though — finally slipping in the knife with a TM01 form to Companies House.

A couple of problems: as far as regulators are concerned, he still owns half the company, which is still called, errr, MenschBozier Ltd.

Luke Bozier company becomes third to be shut down by regulators

Luke Bozier

A company founded by Luke Bozier has been shut down by regulators for failing to submit accounts — after confidently predicting revenues of more than £5,000,000 per year. The news comes as the sometime business partner of Louise Mensch sits on bail pending on suspicion of viewing or possessing indecent images of children.

Following in the footsteps of CholertonShand and Red Narrative, Political Press Ltd becomes the third company run by Bozier to be struck off and dissolved by Companies House in this way. Political Press is thought to be the legal vehicle for Bozier’s Municipo software aimed at local government.

In a presentation prepared for potential investors in the US, Bozier boasts that the service could “save American taxpayers $1bn over the next decade” and that the business would have a turnover “in excess of $8,000,000″ within five years.

Municipo claims of profit by Luke Bozier

Municipo claims of savings by Luke Bozier

Louise Mensch is certainly not the only credible figure to be taken in by Bozier. Kevin Doran, the managing director of a Brussels-based public affairs firm, was somehow persuaded to take a 20-percent stake in the venture and features in a slide on the Municipo “team”. Naturally, Bozier repeats his favourite lie that he was “Head of New Media for Tony Blair”.

Kevin Doran in presentation by Luke Bozier

And the hat trick of failed ventures could yet become four. A London-based tech site reports:

“The Kernel understands that Twitter rival Menshn, which has been struggling to acquire and retain users after a launch marred by ridicule, is being shuttered after a wave of negative publicity centred its the former co-founder”

“A source close to Louise Mensch told The Kernel that the site will be taken down in the new year, following a three week notice period for existing users.”

Fond of invoking entrepreneurial jargon, Bozier certainly seems to have taken the Silicon Valley mantra of “fail fast” to heart.

Mainstream media finally realise Bozier fibbed about advising Blair

Luke Bozier

Nearly a year after Scrapbook challenged Luke Bozier’s somewhat dubious CV claimsyesterday’s Sunday Times showed the penny may finally be dropping when it comes to the “senior Blairite adviser”. In a break with the media’s previous lack of curiosity regarding the claimed Blair links of Bozier, who was recently arrested over child porn allegations, the paper reported:

“The Sunday Times has established that far from being a senior aide to Blair, Bozier … held a junior position at Labour’s headquarters at Millbank for just eight months.”

It wasn’t long before the Mail jumped on the bandwagon of enlightenment with a similar piece crediting the Sunday Times for the discovery of Bozier’s bogus claims. Newspapers and onine outlets have spent months describing variously as a “Blairite former Labour official”“former aide to Blair” and “e-campaigns manager for Tony Blair” with no qualification whatsoever.

Yesterday’s Sunday Times piece did bring fresh amusement, however, forcing the sometimes business partner of Louise Mensch to concede in public that his “Silicon Valley-backed start-up company Municipo” had, errr, received no investment from Silicon Valley. He told the paper:

“Silicon Valley backing comes in various forms, one of which is mentorship and support”

It seems Bozier’s determination to become famous has finally paid off, though perhaps not in the way he had hoped.

Luke Bozier arrested on suspicion of viewing indecent images of children

Luke Bozier has been arrested on suspicion of viewing or possessing indecent images of children after being reported to the police by his business partner, former Tory MP Louise Mensch.


Bozier was arrested at 1pm on Friday — some hours before correspondence and images allegedly from his email account were uploaded to Bozier’s personal and business web domains, which had been taken over by a computer hacker.

The material published includes screengrabs which the hacker alleges show attempts to access material on a web forum used to share explicit images of young girls.

When Mensch and Bozier launched their joint company, MenschBozier Ltd, back in March, Scrapbook remarked that “This won’t end well”.

Prescient isn’t the word.

Louise Mensch served voters for just 46% of term she was elected for

In accepting an appointment as “Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead” (a procedural appointment used by MPs who want to ditch parliament) yesterday, Louise Mensch can celebrate her achievement of being an MP for … errrr … less than half the parliament her constituents elected her to serve.

Becoming MP for Corby on 6 May 2010, she quits 847 days into her term as MP — just 46% of a parliament scheduled to last until 7 May 2015. She was selected as for the seat in October 2006, meaning she actually spent longer as a candidate than an MP.

Meanwhile, her business partner Luke Bozier is continuing his excellent run of comedy form. Having quit Twitter with the words “Fuck. You. All. Losers.”, the self-styled “adviser to Tony Blair” is now threatening to take legal action against a website … for calling him “inept”.

Failing to register the domain lukebozier.com, the web address now hosts something of an anonymous tribute to his recent travails. Suffice it to say Luke is not best pleased:

Though Mensch has quit parliament and Bozer has quit Twitter, Scrapbook very much doubts we have heard the last from this unlikely pairing.

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