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Mensch ‘terminates’ business partner

Louise Mensch with Luke Bozier

After her business partner found himself embroiled in a scandal over alleged access to highly dubious “jailbait” pictures, former Tory MP Louise Mensch said Luke Bozier had resigned from the company.

She took her time filling in the paperwork though — finally slipping in the knife with a TM01 form to Companies House.

A couple of problems: as far as regulators are concerned, he still owns half the company, which is still called, errr, MenschBozier Ltd.

Will Louise Mensch stop lying to smear her opponents?

So moved was MP and former heavy metal groupie Louise Mensch to see the apparent fall of Tripoli to rebel forces last night, that she used it as an opportunity for a cheap smear of Ed Miliband.

The Tory’s mediagenic rising star sent a tweet early this morning which claimed the opposition leader had treated the idea of a Libyan no fly zone as a subject of hilarity:

“Just tremendous. I remember Ed Miliband’s mocking Cameron’s call for a no fly zone at PMQs. This intl triumph owes much to PM’s leadership”

However, Mensch’s “memory” of this incident appears to be a rather imaginative work of fiction. A quick search of Hansard reveals no such mockery in any of the seven occasions Miliband has mentioned the no fly zone. In fact, he could hardly have been more supportive of the idea:

28 February: “We welcome what the Prime Minister said about a possible no-fly zone.”

14 March: “when the Prime Minister first publicly floated the idea of a no-fly zone two weeks ago, that we welcomed the possibility. It is disappointing that Friday’s communiqué did not mention it … it seems to us that the priority must be to translate the no-fly zone phrase into a practical plan.”

28 March: “I welcome the fact that the military operation to enforce the no-fly zone and protect civilians is showing signs of success.”

Miliband also mentioned the Western air blockade in the context of troop cuts and the initial scepticism of foreign governments such as the US — but even the most of creative of interpretations would not cast this as “mockery”.

Of course, Mensch is no stranger to making things up in the hope of dealing damage to her opponents. Just last month, she invented whole sections of former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan’s autobiography in front of the DCMS committee – for which she was later forced to apologise.

Perhaps someone should point out to her that Twitter is not covered by parliamentary privilege.

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