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Bye bye! The (often non-existent) excuses given by quitting Tory MPs

Louise Mensch: I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Corby!

With 36 year-old Tory Chris Kelly quitting parliament after just one term, a parliamentary counterpart has observed he is among nine 2010 intake MPs to jump.

While Kelly has declined to offer a reason — a lack of advancement in the Commons and a considerable salary boost on offer at his dad’s truck company, for which he was moonlighting while MP, may be factors — what excuses have his colleagues given? We’ve included Labour’s official target seat numbers to give you a massive clue:

  • Dan Byles (North Warwickshire, #1)No reason given.
  • Jonathan Evans (Cardiff North, #4) — Despite uber-marginal seat, the 62 year-old claimed he feared serving until 2020 if he stood again.
  • Louise Mensch (Corby) — Prefers New York City to the the East Midlands. Though it would have made an appearance, Mensch quit her 1,951 majority seat so early that Labour hadn’t even released an official target seat list.
  • Mike Weatherley (Hove, #28) — Understandable re-assessment of personal priorities after a battle with cancer while in office.
  • Aidan Burley (Cannock, #50) — Minor issue relating to Nazi uniforms.
  • Chris Kelly (Dudley South, #74)No reason given.

Then there are the trio of women whose resignations have become a shorthand for the challenges faced by female MPs in general and Tory ones in particular.

While some of the MPs above have offered genuine reasons, others clearly lack the stomach for a fight they suspect they will lose.

Louise Mensch: Jewish father of political Zionism is ant-semitic

Scrapbook is confident Theodor Herzl didn’t have a Twitter account. If he had, however, he would definitely get blocked by Louise Mensch:

Absolutely classic Mensch.

Quitter Louise Mensch has cheek to question ‘commitment’ of MPs

Louise Mensch: I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Corby!

Presenting MP for Manhattan Central Louise Mensch — who served her constituents in Corby for less than half the term she was elected for:

Louise Mensch self awareness fail

Self awareness and memory are not her strong points.

On Monday she asked ‘Who cares?’ of Tory MP Mark ‘drugs and rent boys’ Menzies — seemingly forgetting that it was the splash in a newspaper in which she is a columnist.

Don’t Menshn the confusion

Guess who’s gone off half-cocked again? On this occasion, Louise Mensch accuses a former MP of being “a disgrace to Labour”, which certainly came as a surprise to Matthew Banks — the former Conservative member for Southport.

Louise Mensch Twitter confusion

Absolutely classic Mensch.

Corby quitter Louise Mensch to stand in American elections?

Louise Mensch: US political career?

Announcing she is to become a US citizenconstituency-abandoning Louise Mensch has left the door open to running for political office in America:

“You never rule anything out. But I’ve got no plans whatsoever in that direction.”

 “It’s five years to citizenship. Goodness knows what, if anything, I will be doing by then.”

Her refusal to say “no” will do nothing to quash the claims in Tory circles — which have been doing the rounds for at least twelve months — that she has “taking soundings” from US political operatives on a career over the pond.

Five years is certainly enough time for a Blair-esque Mid Atlantic twang to creep in.

Flashback: When Cameron’s faction executed back-room stitch up


While Tories and their neo-McCarthyite cheerleaders would have us believe that all union-backed candidates are imposed by a machine against the wishes of activists, they conveniently forget the Conservatives’ own policy of forcing candidates such as Louise Mensch (then Bagshawe) and Adam Rickitts, pictured above, on local associations.

From 2006, Tories in target seats were obligated to select their candidates from a list of 100 people pre-selected by, errrr, a closed back-room meeting of Cameroons.

A meeting of local party officials that year saw the national Tory chairman booed and jeered while attempting to defend the so-called A-list. One member of the National Conservative Convention claimed:

“I have never seen open revolt like that against the party chairman and senior officials”

Tory A list article

Conveniently enough, Grant Shapps quietly ditched the policy in November last year.

Louise Mensch claims Murdoch comments on hacking ‘do him credit’

Presenting Louise Mensch, columnist for the Sunday Sun:


Defending Murdoch for saying that phone hacking was “next to nothing”, Corby’s leading expatriot is certainly fulfilling the fawning promise she showed when an MP on the media select committee.

At least he’s paying her now.

When Mensch told her business partner: “You’re a paedophile”

Louise Mensch with Luke Bozier

In his new book, political defector Luke Bozier has spilled the beans on the back-of-a-New-York-taxi phone call in which former his business partner and former Tory MP Louise Mensch cut him dead. She has just seen the salacious hacked contents of his email and would shortly report him to the police:

Mensch: Don’t come anywhere near me. You’re a paedophile.

Bozier: What? That’s ridiculous. I’m not a paedophile.

Mensch: I’ve seen what’s been posted on your blog. There are pictures of teenage girls, you are a paedophile.

Bozier: Louise, my whole life is ending, I just need to put this right and get back to Britain. I need help. You are practically my only friend in New York.

Mensch: I think you should consider turning yourself into the police immediately.

The first chapter is available for free here.

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