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Osborne is behind anti-wind farm push, reveals his father-in-law

In more embarrassing undercover video from Greenpeace, George Osborne’s father-in-law has revealed that the chancellor is the driving force behind the government’s large-scale rowing back on green policies.

Lord Howell, who was until recently a member of the government himself, told an undercover Greenpeace investigator:

“The Prime Minister is not familiar with these issues, does not understand them. Osborne is of course getting this message and is putting pressure on.”

This would be the same George Osborne who told the House of Commons, in his budget statement in October 2010, about:

“…the opportunity presented by the green energy revolution and our determination to be the greenest Government ever.”

Not to mention, in the same statement:

“…we should resolve that the rest of the country becomes a world leader in .. green energy and so much more.”

What a difference two years make, eh George?

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