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Brian Leveson’s sponsored silence

Leveson in Australia

Having contrasted blogs, an “electronic version of pub gossip”, with the print media and their “powerful reputation for accuracy”, we trust this is factual enough for Lord Leveson, who is currently chillaxing in Australia …

On the publication of his report on November 29:

“I believe that the report can and must speak for itself. To that end, I will be making no further comment.”

Brian continued his “no comment” policy with a, errr, paid speech at a $950-per-ticket media conference in Sydney on 7 December:

“Just a week after handing down his report into British press standards. Lord Justice Leveson is in Australia talking about privacy and the internet.”

And his lips remained firmly pursed today during his observations about the blogosphere:

“Lord Justice Leveson has warned that unless criminal and civil law is enforced against bloggers, the quality of journalism in conventional media could deteriorate.”

While the Scrapbook team remains agnostic on regulation, it is clear that Leveson wants to have his cake and eat it too — pontificating from Australia where there is little prospect of cross-examination by British hacks.

James Murdoch used to hide a gun under his desk

Tom Watson and Martin Hickman’s new book reveals a lot about the machinations of News Corporation, but we weren’t expecting this: James Murdoch used to keep a gun under his desk.

According to Dial M for Murdoch James dropped out of Harvard to found a hip-hop label, Rawkus Records, where he kept a firearm in his office — supposedly to protect himself from his more violent business associates.

The book delves into James’ rebellious days at high school, where he bleached his hair, got himself a tattoo and brandished a range of piercings:

“James had long been a rebel … He dyed his hair blond, got a tattoo and pierced his ears and an eyebrow. Subsequently he dropped out of Harvard to found a hip-hop label, Rawkus, keeping a gun under his table to deal with some of its Uzi-carrying stars.”

It seems Jonnie Marbles got off lightly.

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