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That Labour message discipline in full

Iain Dale and Harriet Harman

With Harriet Harman the latest politician to take on a regular (in her case monthly) phone-in slot on LBC Radio, it’s good to see Labour figures are clear where they stands on the big issues:

Errrrr …

Ashamed: Former Lib Dem member slams Nick Clegg on radio phone-in

He’s sorry, he’s sorry. He’s so, so, sorry.

Boris Johnson meltdown on LBC Radio: London "would have been safe" with just 27 fire engines

Confronted today on his conspicuous absence in a week in which London was threatened by a fire strike on Bonfire Night, Boris Johnson made astonishing claim that London “would have been safe” with just 27 fire engines protecting 7.6 million residents over an area of 609 square milesSpeaking to rowing with presenter James O’Brien on LBC Radio, Johnson said:

[gplayer href="http://maxcdn.politicalscrapbook.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/johnson_boris_lbc_fire_interview.mp3" ][/gplayer]

Boris Johnson: London would have been safe and will be completely safe.
James O’Brien: London would not have been safe with 27 poorly crewed appliances. This is why you should have been around more this week, Boris.
BJ: I don’t agree with that. I don’t agree with that. I don’t agree with that.
JO: So – just for the record – the Mayor of London believes that London can be adequately protected from fire by 27 appliances crewed by part time staff trained for, on average, a couple of weeks?

The full interview, which kicks off with Boris refusing to outline what he had done personally to avert the strike, is available for your listening horror on LBC’s website.

What a buffoon.

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