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‘Go to the Jobcentre’, Duncan Smith tells bereaved 13 year-old boy

Iain Duncan Smith told a boy to ‘go to the Jobcentre’ when his disabled father died a day after after being declared fit for work by the DWP. Kieran McArdle claims that the stress caused by the results of an Atos test contributed to the death of his dad, who was left half-blind and paralysed following a stroke.

When the 13 year-old wrote to IDS, however, the response from the work and pensions secretary concluded with a ‘cut and paste’ invitation to make an appointment with a Jobcentre to “discuss the outcome of your father’s claim”.

The derisory reply was sent despite extensive media coverage of the case of Brian McArdle, who was just 57 when he died.

Thirty two claimants each week — nearly 1,700 per year — have died after they were branded “fit for work” by Atos and the DWP.

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