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Liberal Democrat Bristol mayoral candidate polling in fifth place

The Bristol mayoral vote is less than a week away, and the latest opinion polls are throwing up some seriously interesting results — including Liberal Democrat candidate Jon Rogers coming fifth, with only 3% of the vote.

Such a result might not at first seem surprising, given that Nick Clegg’s party has been floundering in polls across the country since entering into coalition with the Conservatives. However Bristol City Council is controlled by the Lib Dems, even after the 2011 local elections, and they hold one of the city’s four Parliament seats.

It is as close to Lib Dem heartland as one gets, nowadays, and the party will be intensely disappointed with such a poor omen — seeing them lose their deposit if borne out on Thursday.

Additionally, the poll had independent George Ferguson in second place, with 9%. However, despite his independent selling pitch he was, erm, a Lib Dem member until he quit in order to stand for mayor, and even served as a Liberal councillor in the 70s.

Ferguson’s sudden “independence” wouldn’t have anything to do with wanting to dodge Jon Rogers’ fate, would it?

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