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Biden ‘swears small child into Senate’

At 39, new senator Chris Murphy is the youngest on Capitol Hill. But the show was stolen by an even more ‘junior member’ at his swearing in.

Clearly not wanting to be left out of proceedings Murphy’s one-year-old son Rider raised his hand at the request of vice president Joe Biden.


Via: Byron Tau

The Biden/Ryan vice-presidential debate in just over two minutes

For those British-based political enthusiasts who couldn’t face staying awake into the early hours of the morning for the US vice-presidential debateScrapbook presents a summary in only 164 seconds. If only all political debates were this concise, they might get more people tuning in to watch.

Then again, if you blink you might miss it.

Joe Biden copies Ken Clarke and falls asleep during budget speech

The soporific effect of budget speeches seems to have taken hold on both sides of the Atlantic. One month after Ken Clarke was caught napping [video] during George Osborne’s annual set piece, Joe Biden has been accused of catching some shut eye during Obama’s budget address.

And to rub salt into the vice president’s wounds, the episode has now been documented, in characteristic comic style, by Taiwan’s NMA animation studio:

Scrapbook can only assume Clarke and Biden have been exchanging notes.

Joe Biden's dating advice

With a team of speech writers at his disposal, perhaps the Vice President should learn more than one joke.

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