The Tories’ minister for the so-called ‘Northern Powerhouse’ has floundered when asked to explain why he hasn’t bothered to visit a steelworks which closed down this week — attempting to blame his absence on media interviews before it was pointed out that the press were gathered, errrr, outside the steelworks itself: Radio 5: People have asked me here why they […]

Regular readers will remember a running theme in Tory party literature is the use of increasingly inappropriate stock images. There was the time Grant Shapps used a picture of a ‘hardworking family’ without checking who else had used it. And then there was the government’s pledge of support for British motorists, which they chose to […]

Opening up Labour’s opposition to the Tories’ EU referendum bill, Douglas Alexander quoted from David Cameron’s 2006 conference speech: “Instead of talking about the things that most people care about, we talked about what we cared about most. While parents worried about childcare, getting the kids to school, balancing work and family life – we […]

The Tory hijacking of country all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs), loose but often influential forums for MPs and peers to discuss issues relating to particular territories, has been under way since at least the summer. Often longstanding APPG officers have found themselves surplus to requirements owing to their awkward questions on human rights abuses. The victims […]