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Will Tories’ Eastleigh candidate do a runner from yet another hustings?

Maria Hutchings and Grant Shapps

UPDATE: As predicted she didn’t show. Full story here.

While Lord Rennard’s allegedly wandering hands have provided Maria Hutchings’ disastrous campaign with political breathing space, the Tories still haven’t confirmed whether their off-message hopeful will be attending the 38 Degrees hustings this evening:

If she fails to turn up, this would be at least the second hustings she has snubbed. Hutchings was forced to deny she was kept off a Radio 5 debate last week because she was a “loose cannon”. On the basis of the photo below from the Southern Daily EchoScrapbook suspects her press officer (to the right) has his own views:

Jacob Wilmer with Maria Hutchings

You can’t spin that expression. Priceless.

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